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Kathy Smith is a fitness instructor with tons of workout DVDs. She covers cardio, boxing and fat burning all with a Pilates base. Pilates for Abs is just one of Smith’s many Pilates workouts. This specific workout dedicates time to firming the abdominals and core muscles for a slimmer tummy. Unfortunately, no amount of working out will trim the tummy if the dieter does not eat right and use cardio exercise to burn fat and calories. There is no mention of diet suggestions or nutritional information in the DVD description. If the dieter wants to get the most out of Pilates for Abs, they need to find a diet based on healthy nutrition and reduced calories.

List of Ingredients

30-Minute Abdominal Workout based on Pilates.

Product Features

The abdominal muscles are one of only a few muscle groups that can be worked every day. This could be the reason Kathy Smith’s Pilates for Abs is only 30 minutes long. The first 8 minutes are spent warming up abdominal muscles. Next, Smith takes the follower through 22 minutes of strenuous abdominal moves based on Pilates. There is no cool down or stretching period included on the DVD, which is a huge oversight. If the follower does not stretch abdominal muscles after 22 minutes, they will feel pain and stiffness the following day.

The abdominal muscles are one of the smallest muscle groups in the body. Unlike larger muscle groups (the lower body muscles), abdominals do not increase metabolism or burn a substantial amount of calories at rest. Dieters needing to lose weight may find this workout useless if they are not eating right and losing weight. Abdominal muscles will not show through if there is a layer of fat between the skin and the muscle.

The most common complaint about Pilates for Abs is the workout length. With just 22 minutes of active movement, some followers feel little burn. After a short time, the workout may be too short for even the novice beginner as muscles tend to “get used” to a workout rather quickly and there are no specific segments to create a personalized workout.

Pilates for Abs sells for $5 on Amazon.com. This is less expensive than other workout DVDs, because there is less DVD to sell.

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  • Short workout may be good for beginners.
  • The price is very affordable.


  • Many consumers complain that the length of the workout leaves them wanting more.


Pilates for Abs is a miss for fitness guru Kathy Smith. After taking the warm-up out of the equation, followers are getting only 22 minutes of ab work. There is no cool down and no diet information for proper eating for weight loss.

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