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There are hundreds of exercise styles available to the dieter who wants to burn more calories and lose weight. Sometimes, variety is the key to sticking with a fitness plan. Pilates for Beginners with Maggie Rhoades, is the starting point for a new, exciting fitness routine. Pilates works all muscles of the body, including the heart. Flexibility and stretching is important and workouts tend to be low impact, ideal for beginners. There are some basic moves that need to be practiced before moving on to Pilates classes or more advanced Pilates workout DVDs, thus the Pilates for Beginners workout.

Pilates for Beginners with Maggie Rhoades is available from Amazon.com. The workout DVD sells for $8, an average price for a workout program. The DVD was released in 2006, but Pilates is a universal exercise with the same basic moves year after year.

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Beginner Pilates workout.

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The Pilates for Beginners DVD is broken into 12 workouts. Workouts range in length from 10 minutes to 35 minutes. Beginners can choose to start small, completing just one 10-minute workout. As their fitness level increases, they can add multiple segments together to personalize the workout or following the segments in order. The total running time of the Pilates for Beginners DVD is 240 minutes or 4 hours, so the follower will not likely run out of workouts any time in the near future.

Amazon.com is ideal for dieters trying to find the perfect workout. Consumer reviews are posted on most sales pages and the Pilates for Beginners page is no different. More than 70% of the reviews for Pilates for Beginners are 5 stars, which means the average follower loves what they see on the DVD.

It is important to remember that the DVD is for beginners so the pace may be a bit slower than an intermediate or advanced follower is used to. Slowing down the pace allowed the newbie to learn the next move and transition without feeling rushed. For the first few workouts, beginners may find they are stumbling more than working out, but once a basic knowledge of Pilates is gained, the workout DVD provides 4 hours of workouts so the dieter never gets bored.

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  • The dieter pays just $8 for 4 hours of Pilates workouts.
  • Slower pace makes learning Pilates easy.
  • Fantastic consumer reviews.


  • Pilates may be a bit difficult for extremely overweight dieters.


Pilates is a total body workout. Some dieters find classes hard because instruction is fast-paced. Pilates for Beginners slows down the pace and provides detailed descriptions of movements and exercises so even the most basic novice is never left behind. No dieting tips are included on the DVD, so the dieter must find a reduced calorie diet to lose weight.

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