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Pill Pac is device invented by Rick Willard, after his sister died because of double dosage of her medicine. She forgot whether she took the pill or not and hence took it again.

It is a very common problem among patient with complicated medication schedules to be confused on the dosage amount of their pills. A patient can forget his medication schedule for many reasons and a small mistake like overdose can prove fatal. Pill-Pac was invented to avoid any such scenario and it indeed has been proven beneficial to many users.

This device helps you organize and package your regular pills and avoids any confusion whether you took the pill or not. It usually costs $50 with $18 extra for the refill bags.

These refill bags are to be filled with you regular pills and labelled with time you want to take them. These refills bags are pre printed with the time and date. You just have to pick the right refill bag and get it refilled with the appropriate date and time and carry the bag where ever you want to go. This way you carry your medicines anywhere in the world without having to forget you medication schedule.

List of Ingredients

Pill-Pac and Refill Bags

Product Features

The pac is very lightweight and has a very durable plastic construction. It is also very easy to clean and store. Its low resistance design makes it easy to operate for those with challenged manual dexterity. The item is easy to use. Pill packets (or Refill Packets) are included, so refilling the pill packets are simple with the labels printed on them containing a date. This product is intended for customers to be worry free for months.

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  • Help prevent the risk of over dose


  • Travel without bulky pill bottles


  • Keep your pills organized


  • Easier for multiple doses throughout the day



  • With the initial cost of $68, you have to buy refill bags ( $18 per pack ) every 6

    months ( approx )

  • Conclusion

    Pill-Pac is meant for those with complicated daily schedules of dosage. It certainly reduces the risk of taking a pill twice. It is highly recommended for people who can afford the ongoing cost of refill bags. If you have a very busy life and have complicated medicine schedule, pill-pac is worth trying. The refill bags can be easily carried to any place you want. But if your medication schedule is simple or overdose of your medicine may not cause any adverse affect, then it is up to you. Some may find this as a waste of money and for others it may be worth a try.

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