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The Pit Workout is a set of workout DVDs that works all parts of the body in three workouts. Each workout, upper body, lower body, and full body, lasts for almost an hour to maximize weight loss and muscle gain.

The workouts begin with a few minutes of stretching and then the various fight moves are demonstrated. After teaching hooks, front kicks, straight punches, knee kicks, and roundhouses, the real workout begins. Between punching times which last about 5 minutes, other exercises are used to focus on particular parts of the body, such as squats, pushups, jumping jacks, and jump rope.

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This series begins with the DVD The Pit Workout and continues with The Pit Workout: Crosspit, The Pit Workout: Skills and Drills, and The Pit Workout: Instructional Vol. 1.

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  • These DVD workouts are challenging and will work every part of the body.
  • This DVD series could be a good addition for those who regularly go to the gym and are looking for something a little different to shake up their routine.
  • Each DVD set is available online for around $20, so it is a more economical choice than a yearly gym membership.


  • Some people may find that an hour long workout is more than they can handle, and so they will not profit as much from this DVD series.
  • Many of the exercises on these workout DVDs require other equipment in order to add resistance to the movements. Some items such as a jump rope are rather in expensive, while others like a heavy bag for punching and kicking will be more costly.
  • These workout DVDs may not give enough explanation and demonstration of the fight moves for everyone to follow.
  • This DVD series does not encourage healthy eating in order to lose weight.
  • Those who are out of shape may not be able to follow the Pit Workout completely and may find that discouraging.
  • The martial arts and fighting style of these exercise DVDs might not appeal to everyone.
  • It is not clear what the distinctions are between the different DVD sets, so people may be confused about which one to purchase. They appear to be different variations of the same techniques as none of them claim to have new techniques or exercises.


Although the Pit Workout is certainly a great way to lose weight and get toned, this program does not give people the support that they need while they are struggling to lose weight. Workout DVDs allow people to exercise in their own homes, but they do not help with healthy eating, cutting back on sweets, fighting food cravings, or staying encouraged and motivated. Many people will find that these kinds of DVDs just aren’t enough for them to lose weight on their own because they need someone to give them accountability and motivation.

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