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Many food manufacturers process foods to increase shelf life, but what effect does it have on the human body? According to Dee McCaffrey, creator of the Plan-D Diet, processed foods are unhealthy. While the Plan-D Diet is created for weight loss, dieters are encouraged to continue eating natural foods throughout life to continue reaping the healthy benefits. Dieters do not have to count calories, fat, carbohydrates or protein on the plan. Eating healthy, unprocessed foods is enough to encourage weight loss, slowly and naturally.

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While there are few hard guidelines for the Plan-D Diet, there are some general ones. People typically choose to leave behind white flour and white sugar. They do not use artificial sweeteners and fast foods and prepackaged meals are not on the menu. Some go so far as to leave behind dairy products, aside from yogurt eaten once a day. Portion sizing is a major aspect of the Plan-D Diet as dieters are encouraged to eat the right portions rather than count calories and constantly toil over how many calories they are consuming.

The lax guidelines for the diet could make the plan difficult to follow for some dieters. Many dieters like to have all the rules laid out before starting a new diet. These rules give them focus and helps constrain the lax attitude toward food that commonly leads to weight gain.

Dee McCaffrey is a certified nutrition and diet counselor and an analytical chemist. She spent many years learning the chemical compounds used in the food industry and the effects of those chemical compounds on the human body. As a result of her professional findings, she chose to adopt a clean eating plan and managed to drop 100 pounds as a result.

Clean eating is a trendy means of weight loss that requires education and lots of practice. Foods are consumed as close to naturally occurring as possible, which means no processing. The example given on the official website for the Plan-D Diet is eating baked potato instead of French fries. Clean eating is not the same as raw food eating.

The Plan-D (The Amazing Anti-Diet) Book sells for $23. The official website also offers checklists, cookbooks and DVDs on the Plan-D Diet.

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  • The Plan-D Diet encourages healthy eating.
  • The official website explains some of the details of the diet.


  • No exercise plan is described as part of the Plan-D Diet.
  • Dieters may find the lax guidelines difficult to follow.


The Plan-D Diet is all about leaving behind processed foods and eating natural foods with a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, whole grains and holistic nutrition. The plan may promote weight loss, but only if the dieter keeps portion sizes under control.

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