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Planet Fitness is a franchise gym that offers locations across the United States. Planet Fitness – Austin, TX currently has five locations. The specific areas of these Planet Fitness – Austin, TX gyms are Highway 290, Palm Valley Blvd, Slaughter Lane, Anderson Lane and Pleasant Valley Rd. The gym offers state of the art equipment and several levels of membership. Dieters who wish to lose more weight through exercise may find Planet Fitness – Austin, TX one of the cheapest gym memberships available.

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Planet Fitness – Austin, TX is in the ring with several other name brand gyms. The one aspect of Planet Fitness that sets it apart from other gyms is the low cost of membership. There are membership levels as low as $10 per month at limited locations. Other membership levels include use of all Planet Fitness gyms for a low monthly fee of $19.99. Working out is important to reaching overall weight loss goals, but without proper nutrition there is little any level of exercise will do to decrease body weight.

According to the mission statement by Planet Fitness – Austin, TX, the prices for gym membership are lower because there are fewer frills offered. No child care or refreshment stations are placed in any Planet Fitness. These often drive the cost of the gym up and leave the patron paying the cost even if the services are not used. Another huge cost cutter is the employment of trainers instead of people trying to sell memberships. The cost of the membership is so low, the company expects people to know they want to join before they visit the gym.

What is missing from Planet Fitness – Austin, TX is nutritional support. Dieters can hit the gym and work out for hours, but if they consume more calories than they burn, the effect will not show on the scale. Some gyms employ trainers with certifications in nutrition to appease this problem, but that does not seem to be the case at Planet Fitness – Austin, TX.

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  • State of the art equipment.
  • Judgment free zone.
  • No commitment contracts.
  • Low cost of membership.


  • No child care.
  • No nutrition support services.
  • Limited locations.


Exercise is one part of weight loss many dieters have a problem with. Planet Fitness – Austin, TX fulfills that need, but dieters will need to learn more about physical fitness before heading off to the gym for a daily workout. Working out too hard in the beginning can cause pain and working out too little will have sparse effects. There needs to be more to dieting than working out and Planet Fitness does not cover all those needs. We also support using supplementation to naturally boost metabolism.

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