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When we started researching Planetary Formulas, we were surprised not to find an official website. There are several supplement manufacturers using the name “Planetary” so there could be a website hidden under another name. We did find detailed information on the company and some information about the supplements formulated for weight loss and overall health. The main focus of Planetary Formulas is ancient medicine. The ingredients chosen for supplements have been used for thousands of years and thus they are proven in life, but may not be proven in science.

There are more than 100 supplements offered by Planetary Formulas, but none are expressly designed for weight loss. We did find several standalone supplements often used as part of a weight loss formula, but none of the standalone supplements are proven to boost metabolism.

List of Ingredients

Ayurvedic and Herbal Supplements.

Product Features

In today’s Internet age, supplement companies must have an online presence. Planetary Formulas does not have a website, that we could find. If the company does have a website it is hidden from dieters under some other name. We did find a complete list of products cold by the company, but the product list offers no complete support for the dieter. Most of the supplements are designed to support overall health, digestive health, colon cleansing, water loss and individual health needs. None are designed just for the dieter to increase metabolism and decrease hunger.

Supplements offered by Planetary Formulas are less expensive than those sold by other supplement companies. We found prices ranging from $5 to $15 for most products. The average price for a diet supplement starts at $50, but the dieter must make sure they are paying for proven weight loss ingredients, not a fancy bottle and unfounded weight loss claims.

There are a few ingredients to watch for when choosing a diet product. These ingredients include green tea, chromium, caffeine and ashwaganda. Ashwaganda is offered by Planetary Formulas.

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  • Supplements are listed for sale online.
  • Ingredients lists were found for most supplements.
  • Prices are less than many other supplement companies.


  • No formula designed to increase metabolism and decrease hunger.
  • No official website.
  • Supplements from Planetary Formulas do not have testimonials.


We suggest dieters choose a different company than Planetary Formulas for their diet supplement needs. While many of the supplements offered by the company will support overall health, none are formulated with the proper ingredients to promote weight loss. If dieters need a specific ingredient commonly used in weight loss supplements, they may find that ingredient from Planetary Formulas.

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