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One of the biggest problems that people face while they try to lose weight is when their weight loss reaches a plateau. They’ve been excited about their weight loss success up until this point, and all of a sudden the scale refuges to budge even though they remain consistent with their diet and exercise. However, the Plateau Proof Diet claims to be the answer to this common weight loss problem.

This diet book (as well as its diabetic counterpart) written by Dr. George M. Ekema focuses on the importance of nutrition and classifies all foods as either “red”, “yellow”, or “green”. This color scheme follows the stop light idea that “green” foods can be consumed any time in any quantity, “yellow” foods should be eaten less frequently and in smaller quantities, and “red” foods are not allowed.

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This diet book contains two tables each for “green” and “yellow” foods and requires a dieter to rotate between them. By keeping the amounts and kinds of food changing, people will not feel as deprived and their metabolisms will keep burning fat and not settle into the rut that often causes a plateau.

At the time of this review, the Plateau Proof Diet book was available online for $25 and the Plateau Proof Diet for Diabetes book was available for about $20.

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  • This book claims that people will no longer have to count calories if they follow the color code outline in the book and are careful to consume the proper number of “yellow” and “red” foods.
  • The color code system is a fairly simple diet to follow and could easily become a lifestyle change that would result in permanent weight loss.


  • Any diet that prohibits certain foods is going to be very difficult for many people to stick to, because people do not want to feel deprived while they are on a diet. Most dessert items such chocolate, candy, and cheesecake are permanently banned, but some other healthier dessert options like apple pie and vanilla pudding are also forbidden. Even some fruits like apples and bananas are permanently banned.
  • Although the Plateau Proof Diet appears simple to follow, people may find that many “yellow” and “red” food items are in their favorite dishes and will have to cut some recipes or ready-made dinners out of their diets.
  • Some unexpected foods are found in the “red” category, which might disappoint many people. People may not want to give up normally healthy choices, such as American cheese, blueberries, nuts, and yogurt, just because they are banned for that rotation.
  • There is limited information available online about this book and it seems to only be offered by retailers like Amazon. The lack of a professional website may cause some to question the credibility of this Dr. Ekema’s book.


Although the Plateau Proof Diet claims to prevent weight loss plateaus, the strictness of the food tables will most likely encourage people to cheat and result in inconsistent and temporary weight loss.

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