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The Platinum 360 diet is one that was developed by LL Cool J. The book and diet plan focuses on many aspects of a diet, including exercise, nutrition, and overall well-being. This 30 day routine allows readers to get the results that they’ve been looking for by offering a step-by-step and easy-to-follow guide. Because the diet focuses on multiple aspects, it allows readers to feel more comfortable and refreshed both during and after the diet routine. Take a look at the following review to better understand the use of this diet as well as some of the benefits that it offers.

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This book offers a full 30 day diet experience to each reader. LL Cool J offers delicious meal plans and recipes that fit in nicely with the workouts. This makes it possible for each reader to enjoy what he or she is eating. He also offers different workout routines that focus on getting all aspects of a reader’s body in shape. There are also easy-to-follow guides and pictures so that the reader is able to complete each exercise correctly and more easily. In addition to meal guides and exercise routines, LL Cool J also offers helpful advice on how to improve each reader’s sense of well-being both during and after the diet routine. While many other diets focus on physical aspects, most don’t offer important advice regarding transforming as a person. This diet covers it all and makes it more possible to have success.

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  • The Platinum 360 diet plan offers advice that help in all aspects of dieting.
  • LL Cool J offers secret tips to help improve each reader’s individual diet.


  • Since the guide is only a book, there is no instructional DVD to watch.
  • Some of the exercise routines may be difficult for beginners.
  • Readers are required to follow all aspects of the plan to get the desired results.


For anyone looking for a different diet program, the Platinum 360 diet is a great option to consider. This is because it offers advice on how to handle different aspects of each reader’s everyday life. Not only will readers be able to exercise properly, eat nutritiously and deliciously, but they will also be able to feel better and more comfortable throughout the whole process. This will allow each reader to reach his or her personal diet goals in just a few short weeks. Unlike other diet plans, Platinum 360 is easy to complete. When you are looking for an extra boost to your weight loss efforts, then you should consider a clinically proven safe and effective weight loss supplement that contains either a fat burner or appetite supressant.

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