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Plow On Energy Gum is one of the few energy gum products that contains more than just caffeine. There is an official website explaining the product and the ingredients in the gum. There is very little information on the official website about the gum, but there is a lot of information marketing the gum to people who want to sell Plow On. The company clearly needs to work on giving information to the consumer just as much as they work on selling the sales aspect of the product.

Plow On Energy Gum contains 100 mg of caffeine per five pieces, according to the package. The gum is typically sold in boxes that allow the consumer to purchase one pack at a time. The caffeine content of Plow On Energy Gum is higher than comparable products, but you also have to chew more gum to get that higher dose. The caffeine content in each pack is not explained in detail, so there could be 100 mg of caffeine in each piece and five pieces per pack.

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Green Tea


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The company behind Plow On Energy Gum clearly wants to sell the concept of the gum, but they don’t necessarily want to sell the product to the consumer. There is a bit of information on taurine, green tea and ginseng. There is really no need to explain caffeine as it is an everyday word that everyone knows.

In terms of benefits and weight loss – caffeine and green tea have both been clinically tested to improve metabolism and weight loss outcome. Caffeine works in small and larger doses, but green tea works best in higher doses like 300 or 350 mg. We are not told just how much green tea is included in each serving of Plow On Energy Gum.


There is an official website for Plow On Energy Gum.

The gum contains caffeine to boost energy and mental focus.

The consumer can purchase the gum in small packs.


The website is geared toward the business person who wants to sell the product rather than the consumer.

Contains green tea, but it’s not a diet supplement.

Contains sugar – though only a small amount.


Plow On Energy Gum is a typical energy product, but there is missing information on the website. We know there is 100 mg of caffeine, but is that amount in the pack or the piece? We know a little about the formula, like basic ingredients, but how much of each in supplied per serving? Plow On needs to provide more information about their energy gum to the person who wants to buy the gum rather than the business person who wants to sell it.

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