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Plyocide is the second workout in the P90X2 series. The fitness routine is similar to the P90X routine Plyometrics, but challenges you on a different level. This particular routine requires additional equipment, such as stability ball, foam roller, medicine ball, plyo box or chair and bands. Considering Plyocide is a part of P90X2, the routine is extreme and requires a heightened level of energy in order to complete the workout as designed. The workout is not available as an individual routine, only as a part of the P90X2 system.

List of Ingredients


  • Cardiovascular fitness routine that is a part of the P90X2 fitness program.

Product Features

Plyocide is a part of the P90X2 fitness system. The fitness routine is designed to improve your jumping and cardiovascular endurance. There is a science behind the program. Plyocide utilizes post-activation potentiation (PAP) to generate increase calorie burn and improve muscle development. PAP works similar to high intensity interval training. You feel the effects after the exercises are completed, thus creating greater health benefits.

Similar to the rest of the P90X2 fitness program, Plyocide is extreme. The routine requires individuals to jump, hop and spin throughout the entire routine. The program is broken up into parts. The first part being the warm-up, followed by the foam roller massage, eventually leading to the stretch. After the warm-up portion, you experience the routine. The routine is divided into five sets. Each set consists of four different exercises. After each set, you are provided a rest period. Unlike the plyo routine from P90X, Plyocide makes you think about the form, instead of just jumping, squatting and moving.

When using accessories such as a stability ball or a medicine ball, you focus on your form in order to perfect the move as well as to avoid injury.

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  • The fitness routine works the total body.
  • The fitness program includes information relating to diet and supplementation.
  • The routines were tested by a licensed physician.


  • There is no guarantee of weight loss.
  • The fitness routine is not available as an individual routine.
  • You have to purchase the entire P90X2 program in order to perform Plyocide.
  • The fitness routine is not ideal for all individuals.
  • The routine is extreme.


We like P90X2 and Plyocide. When followed correctly, Plyocide could potentially improve your cardiovascular health as well as improve your overall health and wellbeing. The fitness routine is extreme, so the exercises are not ideal for individuals with joint, knee of back problems. The main concern is the availability of Plyocide as a stand-alone fitness routine. In order to benefit from Plyocide, you must purchase the entire P90X2 fitness routine.

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