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PMD Arsenal claims to be an extreme energy and metabolism supplement. Most often, this claim means the ingredient list will be packed with stimulants to increase heart rate, leaving most dieters feeling like they are about to have a heart attack. Stimulants can be used safely and effectively to increase energy and metabolism by most dieters, but more is not necessarily better. PMD Arsenal is sold by Nutritional Products, Inc, where product information and a complete list of ingredients are found.

List of Ingredients

Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Caffeine, Caffeine TR, Yohimbe Bark.

Arsenal X Blend: L-Tyrosine, Appetite Control Blend: Green Tea Leaf, Cinnamon Twig and Galangal Rhizome, White Willow Bark, Eleuthero Root, Gingko Biloba, Ginger Root, Xanthinol Nicotinate, Guggul Gum Extract and Cayenne Pepper.

Product Features

B vitamins are commonly used as a natural source of energy. The energy boost is small and short-lived as the body quickly metabolizes these vitamins and excretes excess out of the body during urination.

Caffeine is included in two forms, traditional and TR. We assume Caffeine TR is extended release. There is 125 mg of traditional caffeine and 56 mg of extended release. That totals 181 mg of caffeine per serving, much more than a typical fat burner. In addition to caffeine, PMD Arsenal adds Yohimbe, another natural stimulant.

The remaining ingredients are included in a proprietary blend, which means the dieter is given the ingredient name but not the amount included in the formula. Green tea is the most effective ingredient for weight loss in the proprietary blend, though it is included as an appetite suppressant. Appetite suppression is not the most common use for green tea. White willow bark is a natural pain reliever.

Ginger root calms intestinal and digestive stress. This ingredient has no weight loss benefits, so its use in PMD Arsenal is unclear. Excessive consumption of caffeine can cause nausea, so ginger root may be used to fight this nausea.

Cayenne pepper is a natural stimulant, but it also helps other ingredients absorb more quickly and efficiently. This could be the effect PMD Arsenal is going for when including cayenne pepper.

PMD Arsenal sells for $50 a bottle. This price is comparable to other fat burners, but the ingredient list lacks clinically proven amounts of ingredients and too many stimulants.

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  • Ingredients are listed on the official website.
  • The price is comparable to other fat burners.
  • Caffeine is proven to boost metabolism.
  • Green tea is a clinically proven weight loss ingredient.


  • Too much caffeine can cause negative side effects.
  • Green tea is included in a proprietary blend.


PMD Arsenal is for serious people who want a strong energy boost. The amount of caffeine in each serving is far more than any dieter should take on any given day.

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