Pocket Posh Complete Calorie Counter Review

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The Pocket Posh Complete Calorie Counter is a book written by The Puzzle Society. The book includes nutritional information from grocery store foods and restaurants in the United States. The guide claims to be handy and stylish, providing all the information a dieter needs to stay on track with their diet to increase weight loss. The author of the guide is The Puzzle Society. The Puzzle Society has no medical or nutritional background. There are no diet or fitness suggestions in the book, simply a listing of foods and nutritional information.

List of Ingredients

Stylish pocket guide to nutrition.

Product Features

There are only a few customer reviews of the Pocket Posh Complete Calorie Guide, but three of the four reviews are less than stellar. The Kindle format of the book is not Kindle ready so the type is huge making it impossible to navigate the book. In paperback format, the book is larger than the average pocket and portion sizes are not always the same on the product package as they are in the book. Grocery items tend to be listed with generic information. Frozen broccoli, for instance, is listed as frozen broccoli not as Green Giant frozen broccoli. The general foods names means the dieter still has to check the nutrition label on foods for product-specific information.

The restaurant portion of the Pocket Posh Complete Calorie Counter may help the dieter choose healthy options at well-known restaurants, but menu items are always changing so the food choices currently available at a given restaurant may not match food choices in the book.

The book is no longer available from Amazon.com. It is currently showing as out of stock, but we assume the writers may be going back to the drawing board to update the book as it was first published in 2010. The dieter will need to maintain healthy foods choices and proper portion sizes to lose weight, even with the help of the Pocket Posh Complete Calorie Counter.

When the book is in stock, it sells for $8. This price is higher than other nutrition books in the same category.

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  • Helps dieters choose healthy foods.
  • Displays complete nutritional information, including calories, fat, carbohydrates and protein.
  • Includes restaurant foods.
  • Available in Kindle format.


  • The book is not currently available.
  • Information from restaurants will outdate quickly.
  • Kindle edition is not Kindle compatible.


If a dieter walks into a popular restaurant and wants to know the nutritional information for menu selections, the Pocket Posh Complete Calorie Counter could come in handy. At 6” by 4”, the “pocket” book is not sized for the average pocket, but it will fit easily into a purse or handbag.

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