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Editor's Review: 3.5 / 5.0

What You Should Know

Podapenza is a line of clothing designed for bodybuilding and weight training. The website claims that the company has recently expanded into clothing for other sports including basketball, football and wrestling. They also offer customizable clothing for gyms, fitness clubs or teams to add their name and logo to Podapenza clothing.

Website Details

Podapenza.com has little information beyond drawings of the product line, pictures of clothing, and dead links to retail outlets that carry the products. The product line includes tee shrits, pants, shorts and caps that feature slogans and line art suggesting power and strength.

The Good

  • The website was simple to navigate where the links were active.
  • Some of the clothing would be appropriate for wear during exercising.

The Bad

  • There is nothing special about these products. The clothing simple in design and ordinary in structure.
  • This clothing is not specifically designed for a weight loss program.
  • This clothing line is target marketed for certain sports and fitness activities such as body building.
  • New tee shirts will not help you lose weight.
  • Many of the links on the site did not work.
  • We could not check the clothing prices because we could not link through to the retail outlets.


We can’t recommend Podapenza. Clothing cannot help with a weight loss program, and feeling the need to purchase specific clothing can be counterproductive. The company claims that their products are new and unlike anything on the market, but fails to explain why. We do not see anything special or different. If this clothing were made from some revolutionary fabric or had some specific cut that allows greater freedom of movement, it would be noted. We believe that the difference claimed by the company is merely an odd name and the use of what they consider to be clever slogans. We have seen it all before, in the 80s, accompanied by really bad hair.

We advise wearing any clothing that you feel comfortable in during exercise. Special clothing is generally unnecessary and a waste of money. We suspect that the low-budget website indicates that this company is either new or not yet off the ground. There is no way to verify the quality of the clothing line.

To start losing weight, you don’t need to purchase clothing. Instead, get a good pair of walking shoes, an appetite suppressant or fat burner from a source you can trust, and select a healthy balanced diet and stick to it. Add a reasonable amount of exercise every day and keep making healthy choices every day. The key to weight loss is in determination. You really have to want it.

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