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A fitness company such as Polar has the focus centered on the dieter looking for products to keep them motivated as they attempt to achieve fitness goals. As the company researches and develops new products and services, the key focus remains on the individual. This is impressive. Typically, fitness companies tend to mass produce a product with little to no regard for the person using the item.

The products are sold in different categories, including, Get Active, Improve Fitness and Maximize Performance. Each of the monitors are sold on the official website and provide real-time results. If saving money is an option, Polar is not the brand of choice. The prices range from $70 to $600.

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  • Fitness company specializing in heart rate monitor and GPS locators.

Product Features

Polar is not just a brand selling heart rate monitors. The brand focuses on the individual lifestyles of the customer base. The monitors take into account the type of activity performed by the dieter and provides features designed to motivate and keep them on track.

The standard models feature a time and heart rate monitor, while the more advanced models keep track of calories burned, provide GPS, wind sensors, stride sensors and the ability to transfer information into a tracking software program.

Although the product does not guarantee weight loss, the items will help the individual stay on track with individual fitness goals. The products offer real-time results that the individual can see and record. Typically, comparable models have a delay during the transfer of information.

Since the company sets the standard, we would have liked to see some consideration given to diet and supplementation. Tracking results is an ideal in any fitness program, but the program is destined to falter if diet and supplementation are not addressed.

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  • The products are available on the official website.
  • The product provides real-time results.
  • The products ships internationally.
  • Polar products accommodate all fitness levels.


  • The products are expensive.
  • Using the product and services is no guarantee of weight loss.


Polar is a step above the rest in the field of performance equipment. The devices may look like times pieces, but what the product provides is light years beyond the competition. The products keep individuals motivated to perform at a higher level and keep track of goals in real time. The product selection also assists in maximizing perform, regardless of fitness level.

We also like that the company offers an online community of like minded individuals with similar goals in mind. Aside from the community, the company provides training articles, advice from professionals and instructional videos.

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