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The Polymeal Diet was created to help promote a healthy heart. This diet became known for its health benefits but gained in popularity for its ability to help people lose weight. The Polymeal diet helps with weight loss due to the replacement of fatty and unhealthy food with better meal choices. The principles that guide the Polymeal Diet can also be applied to other diet plans including: Weight Watchers, South Beach, Sonoma Diet, and more.The Polypill was developed in 2003, the pill included a combination of drugs and reduced heart disease by 80 percent. In order to establish a more natural protocol than a drug therapy, the researchers sought to determine the healthiest foods. This lead them to the Mediterranean. Their findings led to the development of the Polymeal which is a diet that includes the use of wine, chocolate, garlic and many other foods that most people find tasty. The heart disease risk can be reduced by 76 percent and years can be added to your life, according to Polymeal developers.

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This Polymeal Diet plan works best for men who are overweight or who just want to have a healthier lifestyle. The diet is said to be able to add an average of 6 and a half years to the life expectancy of the average man compared to men who do not adhere to the Polymeal diet. The claims from the developers are also that the Polymeal will keep heart disease from occurring in men for nine years. People interested in the Polymeal Diet can incorporate the food list recommendations into almost any other diet plan. These plan include popular ones such as Weight Watchers and the Sonoma Diet. The user will lose weight and become healthy when this plan is followed.

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  • Polymeal is an all natural diet plan.
  • No artificial supplements are required to be taken or purchased with this plan.
  • People who are happy with other diet plans can incorporate some of the Polymeal system in with their current plan.
  • Promotes good heart health.


  • The food options are limited from what many people are accustom to.
  • May be difficult to find some of the food and adhere to portion size.


The Polymeal diet utilizes fish four times every week in addition to wine and dark chocolate. The fruits and vegetables are eaten daily along with garlic and almonds. The Polymeal is a die-based natural approach to fighting heart disease. The Polymeal was developed with the focus on the healthy living habits and diets of the Mediterranean lifestyle. The Polymeal is an alternative to the Polypill which is a drug-based heart disease reducing strategy.

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