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What You Should Know

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You can choose from hundreds of diet pills, all claiming to help you get the body you are after. However, all sorts of ingredients are used in these weight loss supplements to aid with fat loss. In other words, you need to be careful about what you take, and you need to make sure you avoid dangerous diet pills with ingredients that lead to health problems and serious side effects. One way to investigate a weight loss formula is by reading the ingredient list, and any customer reviews pertaining to the supplement. This will help you learn more. We will now elaborate on PolyTea NX, which is made by Okuma Nutritionals.


  • Oolong Tea

Product Features

PolyTea NX is an interesting formula that is claimed to burn off fat, curb food cravings, and even assist with anti-aging. So, not only should you lose unwanted body fat, but you should look more youthful and radiant as well. It is touted as a vegan formula that is only taken once each day. It apparently works in a similar fashion to Wu Long Tea, which is often referred to as a weight loss tea.

The only ingredient mentioned for PolyTea NX is Oolong Tea. This herbal tea is commonly used for weight management. However, there is no real proof that links Oolong Tea to real fat loss. While this tea may help flush out the digestive tract, it is unlikely to burn off stored fat. There is no mention of a healthy diet plan and serious exercise regimen with PolyTea NX pills. Furthermore, it looks like this weight loss supplement has been discontinued. There was no refund guarantee found.

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  • The only ingredient mentioned for PolyTea NX is a natural substance.
  • This product is not linked to any side effects.


  • There is no clinical proof that this supplement works for weight loss.
  • PolyTea NX lacks key ingredients for burning off fat.
  • This supplement does not contain any appetite suppressants.
  • There are more promising weight loss products available online.
  • It looks like this product has been discontinued for some reason or another.


When it comes down to it, there is simply no reason to choose PolyTea NX over one of the more promising weight loss supplements available today. First of all, there are no proven fat burning ingredients or appetite suppressants found in this supplement. Secondly, there is no guarantee provided with this diet pill. Also, there is no direct link between weight loss and Oolong tea. You should also note that PolyTea NX appears to have been discontinued and taken off the market. This could be due to ineffectiveness or customer complaints.

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