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Some make claim that PomaSlim could be a solution. Some make claim that the greatest advantage of the product is that it is supposedly quite safe in comparison with other fat burners. According to PomaSlim, it is rated as No.1 in fat burners’ industry. Besides a fat burner, the PomaSlim supposedly also acts as an energy booster and keeps you active, healthy and energetic.

PomaSlim is making claim that it is a multipurpose solution for suppressing your hunger. It allegedly works as an antioxidant superfood. This means that you don’t need to worry about other tablets and medications which you usually take to control your hunger. Ordering PomaSlim is suppose to be quite easy. It is stated that you just need to log on to their website and fill out a simple form. Checking out is also suppose to be very simple, fast and reliable. You should be able to learn more about PomaSlim from their website. The product was reportedly designed under the supervision of highly skilled and technical professional therefore eliminating the need to verify it by some standard setting bodies. This is supposed to make the product more reliable and safe to use.

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PomaSlim claims to be the safest and most efficient fat burner currently available in the market. The product is reportedly designed mainly with natural products and there are no synthetic or artificially created materials.

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  • PomaSlim is that it acts as Hunger suppressant. This means that you feel hunger effectively and only when you truly feel it.


  • It also is suppose to act as Energy booster. This means that you feel healthier, active and energetic throughout the day after using the product.


  • It also supposedly act as Antioxidant superfood and mainly as a fat burner. The producer claims to burn the fat most effectively and safely.



  • Despite its several advantages and positive feedback, many people criticize that the product has not been demonstrated practically and openly in front of public.


  • The complex compounds and materials involved as ingredients in the product make us wonder how safe it can be.


  • Just because a product is made of all natural ingredients, it does not mean that there are no harmful side effects.


  • The product is not FDA approved.


Although PomaSlim claims to be the safest fat burner on the market, many fat burning diet products make the same claim. I would stick to just eating right and working out I wouldn’t consider this product as an alternative until it is FDA approved and recommended by many doctors.

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    The fact that PomaSlim is not FDA approved is a plus in it’s favor! I may try it for that reason alone. The Fatal Drugs Allowed *FDA* only approves the things that DON’T work. If it works, it gets banned or taken over by Big Pharma and their bribed stooges formerly known as “medical doctors” in the Medical Mafia Cartel-((Remember Metabolife 356 anybody??))