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The Popcorn Diet is based off of the idea that snacking on healthy foods between meals is a good way to lose weight. Since it’s high in fiber and low in calories, popcorn is great to snack on between meals.

Although popcorn is a great source of fiber, not all popcorn is healthy. Hot air popcorn is a low calorie and low fat snack, but popcorn smothered with butter and salt is not good for you. Gourmet popcorn, like caramel corn or cheesy corn are also unhealthy options that might be tempting after eating plain popcorn for a few days.

List of Ingredients

Plain popcorn. No butter or salt is important for maximum weight loss.

Product Features

Although plain popcorn is available in microwave packets, some people may wish to purchase an old fashioned popcorn popper and pop it themselves from a bag of raw kernels. This might help people resist purchasing the more fattening popcorn choices.

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  • Popcorn is a very simple snack to reach for and does not require a lot of preparation as some other diets do.
  • Popcorn is very affordable and can be purchased anywhere.
  • Choosing healthy snacks is a very important part of maintaining weight loss.


  • Eating too much popcorn may block the body from absorbing vitamin B. This may lead to health problems.
  • While the Popcorn Diet sounds like a good idea, most people will quickly grow tired of eating popcorn only for snacks. Plain popcorn is not very tasty so it will be tempting to add fattening ingredients such as butter to make it taste better. People may also want to eat other snacks and may quickly stop eating healthy snacks and reach for the potato chips instead.
  • This diet does not stress the importance of exercise in successful weight loss.
  • The Popcorn Diet does not give any guidelines on other healthy snacks to eat or on healthy meals to choose. This kind of diet must be supplemented with lots of vegetables and lean protein in order to lose weight.
  • Since plain popcorn is not very interesting, many people will find it tempting to eat more at meals so they do not find themselves hungry in the afternoon and forced to eat popcorn. This can actually cause a person to gain weight, because most people do not know the correct portion sizes to eat and are already eating too much at meals.


Snacking on healthy foods is an important part of weight loss, but the Popcorn Diet seems to lack any of the support that dieters would need. Suggesting a switch from chips and dip to plain popcorn is part of a bigger healthy lifestyle decision that must be made with more care and effort than this diet suggests. Because of the bland taste and the unchanging routine, most people will not be able to stay on the Popcorn Diet for very long.

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    I want 2 knw if am keeping 2 eating popcorn 4 so long which disease can i get from eating popcorn too much?