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With so many diet pills on the market, how can you tell the difference between Apidextra and Synedrex? What does it take to make a diet pill really stand out. One answer is, make it prescription only—those suffering from obesity have been wathing QNexa for awhile now, but it keeps faling to gain FDA approval. Ephedra was incredibly popular and, by most reports, effective but it was pulled due to FDA heart health concerns. Still, pills like Dexyfen try to imitate the name and imply that they have the ingredient. Many diets find meal replacement effective, and Visalus Trim Slim Shape offers a shake to replace high-calorie meals. Another best-selling fat burner is 7-DFBX. Currently trending is The Virgin Diet by diet expert J.J. Virgin. Trends definitely come and go in the weight loss industry, and 14 Day Acai Berry Cleanse is a great example of the once-trendy but now oversold acai berry craze. Many diet brands offer full programs of shakes and supplements, and Simply Weight Loss is one of those. Ultra 90 and Lipo-30 are both generic fat burners that seem to have found a few fans, but that have few stand-out ingredients. Dr. Oz is now the guru of weight loss thanks to Oprah’s endorsements, and lately he recommends Garcinia Cambogia, and ingredient found in many different products. Banital is short-term weight loss system that promises dramatic results with a seven day cleanse. Meanwhile, Beyond Diet focuses on eliminating gluten for both health and weight loss reasons. Nuphedrine is a high quality fat burner made from several patented ingredients. Then there are supplement products like Ruby Reds that are not meant specifically for weight loss, but that contain a heavy dose of antioxidants, which have been linked to losing weight. Another heavily promoted thermogenic is Liporush, which promises enhanced energy and more dramatic results from workouts. And who can argue with the glamor associated with The Hollywood Diet? Another emerging trend in weight loss is HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) and a great example of a product that is capitalizing on this is HCG Drops. A popular fat burner now found in major retail stores like GNC and Walmart is Slimquick. CLA-related diets are also all over lately, and Tonalin CLA is one of the most popular. Releana has been in business since 1997, and is a doctor-administered prescription-only obesity treatment. Exercise equipment is its own world, and the Fluidity bar allows for a fullbody workout. For those who don’t want to work so hard, there will always be pills like Liporexall and Lypodryl that make big promises, but we’re a little skeptical.

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