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Confused over the difference between Calorad and Dexatrim? You’re not alone—the world of over-the-counter weight loss supplements can be daunting. Just when you think you’ve seen it all, a trendy ingredient like African Mango (found in Mangodrin comes along and makes big weight loss promises. But what can really deliver? Arbonne Weight Loss offers a line of meal replacements and protein products that are intended to supplement a healthy diet and exercise. Then products like PurisalV advertise as “100% natural and stimulant free”, making them an attractive option for those sensitive to caffeine. Meanwhile, Zipfizz is a stimulant drink powder that promises energy to work out. Some diets fade away fast, but the 6 Week Body Makeover has been around for years now, and still has major fans. Many products focus on specific dieting problem areas, and Relacore claims to address stubborn belly fat. But at some point all of these products start to seem interchangeable. I’d be surprised if even the manufacturers could tell you the difference between Look Slim and Solo Slim. Typically, we recommend that dietspotlight readers stay away from products like Avaprex that make “Amazing Breakthrough!” claims. Look for science! One interesting trend we’ve spotted is weight loss injections administered in a doctors office or clinic, and Pounds Lost Weight Loss Shot is one such injection. Fat Predator is the fat burning supplement in the Predator line of ingestible supplements, that also include protein and workout supplements. An unusual option is the Jen Fe fat loss patch, that claims to absorb toxins for weight loss. Cylodyn is the weight loss supplement from Truderma, better known for manufacturing skin care products. One incredibly popular weight loss product is Alli, but it sounds like some of the side effects on digestion might be embarrassing. Aspire Weight Loss Centers are popping up across the country, and are for women only. If you’re committed to exercise, devices like the Bodybugg help track important fitness metrics and progress, while The No Diet is actually a website service to help motivate and support dieting. Another popular fat burner is Emerge, which claims to be “the gluten free fat incinerator.” Trends definitely come and go, and African Mango is currently found in many new diet supplements. But some diet pills like Pure Slim and Svetol do very little to stand out from the crowd. Oxyelite Pro is another very popular supplement found in major retail stores.

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