Popular Diet Supplements 4

Calorad is a weight loss supplement that claims alter collagen levels to help dieters drop pounds. Removyl is an herbal supplement formulated specifically for women. Advantra Z is another popular metabolic stimulant. Green Tea HP is another metabolic stimulant, this one based on the caffeine based properties of green tea. Orlistat is the generic name of the popular diet pill Alli. Activia is actually a brand of probiotic yogurt intended to aid with digestion. Crossfit is a core strengthening program that seems to be intended primarily for dieters who are already fairly active. The product Jen Fe takes a rather unique approach and offers users a patch similar to a nicotine patch that claims to help with dropping pounds.

If you’re looking for something a little different, the 50 Million Pound Challenge is an inspirational website designed to help dieters get on track. Chitosan is a trendy new ingredient derived primarily from shrimp shells and other marine sources that is thought to help regulate metabolism. Drenbuterol is a patent-pending compound that claims to help with weight loss. Lipodissolve is actually a surgical procedure that claims to “dissolve” fat, versus Liposuction which sucks the fat out. Celsius is a fairly typical example of a metabolic stimulant. Wi Yu Tea is a folk remedy that is actually a form of oolong tea claimed to help with metabolism and digestion. Seattle Sutton is another meal replacement brand intended to cut calorie intake.

You’ll start to see certain ingredients again and again in numerous diet supplements. CLA is one of those ingredients that claims to help you burn fat in the “right” areas. The National Body Challenge is a website based weight loss forum run by Discovery Health. Adipex is a prescription-only weight loss drug for the treatment of clinical obesity. AdvoCare is a line of “wellness” products that also allows dieters to become product distributors. Xylestril is a woman-only diet supplement, while Releana is also designed specifically for women but also includes a fitness program and a diet plan. Acai Berry Power 500 is a supplement that capitalizes on the trendy reputation of the acai berry as an ingredient. Calotren is a 90-day supplement plan that claims to be all natural and effective.

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