Popular Diet Supplements

With thousands of weight loss related products available, of course there are a few popular diet pills that have managed to stand out in the marketplace. Some, like AbGONE or the Abs Diet, focus specifically on the abs, which can be a problem area for many dieters. Appetite suppressants are also big these days, and pills like Phentrazine, Leptopril and Hoodia Rush claim to kill food cravings dead. Meridia is another popular appetite suppressant.

Women are a major diet aid market, and many of the most popular products out there are specifically formulated with a woman’s metabolism in mind. These include pills like Zantrex, Zalestra and Xylestril. One women’s diet pill, Zalestrim, even claims to enlarge a woman’s breasts while helping with wait loss (we’re a little dubious.)

There are plenty of non-pill options out there as well, although clearly these will take more time and commitment from dieters. Options include classic programs like Jenny Craig, as well as more modern variations like Body For Life, which incorporates online support groups, and The Biggest Loser Club, which is based on the popular reality TV show. The Maggie Drozd diet is another based on a TV star’s success stories.

Since they’re not technically FDA regulated, most non-perscription diet supplements use herbal formulations. Some popular herbal diet supplements available include the 4321 Diet line, Xenadrine, Nuphedrine and Decaslim (that last one also claims to fight acne.)

Some products, like Calotren, are designed for users who already have a fairly intensive exercise regimen in place. Meanwhile, products like 15 Day Weight Loss or Detoxykall put their major weight loss claims right in the product name. Then there are more unorthodox options like Velashape, which users a very complicated system of treatments to fight cellulite, or the Flex Belt. Lines like SlimStyles offer a variety of niche treatments for different diet goals.

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