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The Portfolio Diet is designed to help you reduce your cholesterol levels, rather than to help promote weight loss. While losing weight may happen as a result of changing the foods you eat to lower your cholesterol, it is not something you should expect, or count on. If you are concerned about your overall health or high cholesterol levels, this diet may still work for you. It is based on the theory that eating foods low in cholesterol and a lot of foods with natural cholesterol lowering ability, you will reduce your need to take statin medications your doctor uses to get your cholesterol down.

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The Portfolio Diet focuses on eating high amounts of foods that have a natural cholesterol lowering ability, as well as opting for foods that are naturally low in cholesterol. This diet is a mostly vegetarian diet, but comes quite close to being a vegan diet. Some of the guidelines include: staying away from butter and margarine, drinking soy milk in place of cow’s milk, eating soy based meat substitutes rather than actual meat, eat a lot of yogurt, replace most of the grains in your diet with oats and barley, and eat lots of eggplant, okra, beans, and high fiber foods.

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  • The Portfolio Diet has been clinically proven to help reduce bad cholesterol levels by as much as 20% in those that closely follow the program.
  • This is a natural way to lower cholesterol that may produce some weight loss as well.


  • The Portfolio Diet is not meant for weight loss.
  • This diet will have no appeal to people who do not have high cholesterol levels.
  • This diet is very strict, calling for most dairy and meat products to be removed.
  • This does not address exercise.
  • Your doctor will need to monitor your efforts closely to change medication doses.


The Portfolio Diet is not one we recommend for weight loss. Those who are overweight may see some weight loss as a result of following this diet, but it will be temporary unless a healthier lifestyle is continuously followed, and it will not be a great amount of weight. To lose weight, you need to not only be following a reduced calorie balanced diet, but you should also be exercising on a regular basis, doing both cardiovascular and strength training exercises. To boost your overall weight loss efforts, it is also ideal to choose a clinically proven safe and effective weight loss supplement that contains appetite suppressants and fat burners to help speed the process as compared to diet and exercise alone.

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