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Portion Pals are a convenient cutting board and portion control measuring device all-in-one. Each package contains five discs – chicken, beef, desserts, fish and sides. In the middle of the small plastic disc is a shape. This shape shows the proper portion size for the food noted on the disc. To maintain proper portions, dieters simply place food on the plastic and cut on the lines. What fits inside the shape is considered the healthiest portion size, but there is a problem with the disc. While outer edge is important, what about the thickness of the meat?

List of Ingredients

Plastic discs with portion guidelines.

Product Features

Dieters are constantly looking for a way to eat less and maintain proper portion sizes. Portion Pals looks like a fun means of doing just that, but there is a problem with the design. The creators used a flat plastic cutting board as the base for the Portion Pals. On that cutting board, words and shapes are printed. The chicken disc, for instance, has a rectangle in the center about the size of a deck of cards. The dieter places chicken on the plastic cutting board and trims the piece to fit inside the rectangle, but how tall can the chicken piece be before moving into two portions instead of one? Some chicken recipes require the chicken be pounded flat before cooking. If this is the case, the dieter will have a portion size smaller than the traditional portion size.

According to the picture of the Portion Pals discs on Amazon.com, the portion size for fish is smaller than chicken. Fish tends to have fewer calories than chicken and sometimes packs quite the omega 3 fatty acid punch. We have no idea why the portion size with Portion Pals is less than ½ that of chicken. The dessert portion size is even smaller.

Consumers can expect to pay about $20 with shipping and handling for the five small cutting boards. There is no official website for Portion Pals at this time.

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  • Helps dieters see the general size of one portion.
  • Works as a cutting board.
  • Dishwasher safe.


  • Expensive for a cutting board set.
  • Portion guidelines do not take thickness into consideration.


For $20, the dieter can purchase multiple portion sizing plates that factor in the thickness or depth of food in one portion. The Portion Pals cutting boards are a waste of money, according to many product reviews. Consumers repeat the same sentiments as we do – what about thickness of the meat. The fact that a fish portion size is extremely small, similar to a dessert portion, makes no sense. There are no diet or exercise guidelines included with the Portion Pals.

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