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What You Should Know

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Protein Factory Post Cycle is a supplement formulated for use after a muscle building cycle in bodybuilding. Ingredients are typically included to help muscles recover and grow, faster. During a building phase, bodybuilders may use supplements that metabolize in the liver. For this reason, many post cycle supplements will contain natural herbs and ingredients to cleanse the liver. Some are proven and others are included based on unfounded claims.

Protein Factory has a huge inventory of supplements. Dieters or bodybuilders would have to know the name of the supplement to find information on a specific product. Otherwise, they will drown in the long list of products covering the same general bodybuilding and dieting need. We did not find testimonials for Post Cycle or a free trial. Products can be ordered from the Protein Factory website.

List of Ingredients

Milk Thistle, Epimedium, N-Acetyl Cysteine, Pirkoliv, R-ALA, Lecithin, Maca, Calcium D-Glutarate, 5,7 Dihydroxyflavone, Bioperine, Cindium Monnieri, Zinc Aspartate and Arginine.

Product Features

Milk Thistle is the liver cleansing ingredient used in most products like Post Cycle. Milk Thistle has been used for thousands of years in natural medicine to cleanse the liver. Whether it will counteract any liver damage done by harsh bodybuilding supplements is unknown.

Epimedium may have aphrodisiac effects and may boost bone growth. Neither claim is proven. Aphrodisiacs are commonly included in anti-estrogen supplements, but they do not prevent estrogen production in males while using steroids.

N-Acetyl Cysteine is an antioxidant used to combat free radicals that may build up in muscles after a growth cycle. Pirkoliv is another liver cleansing herb. R-ALA or R-Alpha Lipoic Acid is another antioxidant. Maca is supposed to increase physical strength, but there are no clinical trials supporting this claim. It is commonly used to increase sexual desire in men.

Bioperine is black pepper extract. This ingredient helps all other ingredients absorb more quickly into the body. There is some clinical evidence supporting Bioperine.

Arginine is the ultimate antioxidant. It is soluble in both fat and water and works to increase levels of other antioxidants.

Post Cycle by Protein Factory sells for $27.45.

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  • All ingredients are listed.
  • May increase sexual desire.
  • May help detox liver.


  • No testimonials.
  • No free trial.
  • No anti-estrogen ingredients.
  • No clinical trials.


There is some evidence backing some of the ingredients in Post Cycle, but this supplement is not proven with clinical trials as a complete formula. Protein Factory does list articles supporting the supplement but these are not the same as clinical trials. If there were testimonials from users who have tried the formula, we would be more apt to give bodybuilders the thumbs up, but none exists. This could be another aphrodisiac packaged as an anti-estrogen supplement.

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