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Potassium citrate is a salt present in citric acid. The salt is commonly used in a medical setting to treat painful urination associated with a high urine acid level. It has also been proven effective when used to treat arrhythmia and gout. The medical community treats several conditions with potassium citrate. Most of which have something or everything to do with the urinary system. The salt can also be given to pets that have urinary problems.

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Potassium Salt.

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From a dieting point of view, potassium citrate has no real benefits so why is it commonly included in weight loss supplements? Diuretic ingredients are one of the most popular ingredients in weight loss and dieting supplements. These ingredients increase urination and reduce water retention leaving the dieter feeling as though they have lost real weight. Despite the fact that diuretics do not promote healthy, long-term weight loss they are still used in many formulas.

With prolonged use of diuretics comes a reduced potassium level in the body. Potassium citrate is commonly included in weight loss formulas to rebalance potassium levels. Reduced potassium can lead to muscle cramping and death. Too much potassium, however, can be deadly as well so there is a fine line between healthy potassium supplementation and overdose on potassium. There are regulations controlling how much potassium citrate, or other form of potassium, that can be added to supplements. Currently that level is 100 mg only 3% of the daily recommended intake.

Potassium citrate is sold from various vitamin shops and tends to have 99 mg of potassium citrate per serving. According to product descriptions, potassium citrate helps to balance acid levels in urine and may help support nerve function in the body. Foods that are high in potassium include dairy products, fish and whole grains – all of which should be consumed on a healthy weight loss diet. Supplements can be purchased for as little as $4.

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  • Helps keep the acid / base balance in urine.
  • May help reduce the effect of diuretics on potassium levels.


  • Too much potassium can cause health problems.
  • Many weight loss supplements that contain potassium citrate also contain diuretics.
  • Potassium citrate will not increase weight loss.


Balance in the body is important to overall good health. If a weight loss supplement contains a diuretic ingredient like uva ursi or dandelion root potassium supplementation is necessary to replenish the lost potassium. Diuretics, however, are not a healthy way to lose weight so the inclusion of potassium citrate could be a red flag not to try that particular weight loss supplement. If a supplement lists the amount of potassium citrate at more than 100 mg that is another red flag as the maximum allowed by law is 100 mg.

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    Husband rx/d potassium citrate (urocitk) for kidney stone shrinkage. Ridiculously expensive. Besides, you can get too much of it. So, now that he has had lithotrypsy and wants to prevent more stones, how much should he take (potassium citrate at the reasonable price, not the rx at the ridiculous price!)


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    what are the side effects of potassium citrate