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Pound-X is a combination weight loss program that bills itself as a “total weight loss system”. The official website claims that you will lose weight, increase your metabolism and energy level, and burn fat. The Pound-X program uses four different supplements together throughout the day and claims to give you energy when you need it while suppressing your appetite at key times of day when many people strongly feel the urge to snack. This also allows you to avoid an “energy crash” since when you are winding down from one supplement, you take another.

The four Pound-X supplements are called Morning, Afternoon, Evening, and Function. It’s pretty obvious why the first three are named that way; you take them when the pill name indicates to. Function is taken throughout the day to help support the other three supplements. As of this review, the Pound-X site isn’t working. We aren’t sure whether this is due to a discontinuation of the product or if they are experiencing technical problems.

List of Ingredients

Pound-X contains four separate supplements but lets take a look at Morning pill, since it seems to be a good representative mix of the others.

Morning contains: Folate, Vitamin B12, Biotin, Calcium, Zinc, Proprietary Women’s Blend (Green Tea leaf, St. John’s wort, yohimbe bark, cayenne pepper fruit, cocoa bean, ginger root, guggul oleo-gum-resin, white willow bark), Other Ingredients: microcrystalline cellulose, croscarmellose sodium, stearic acid, partially hydrolyzed polyvinyl alcohol, silica, magnesium stearate, polyethylene glycol, red 40, blue 2, talc, and titanium dioxide.

Product Features

Upon close inspection, it seems like the four supplements don’t really contain anything spectacular in the way of weight loss ingredients. The products do contain some mild thermogenic ingredients and a lot of beneficial antioxidants, but we don’t see a “high powered” fat burner or appetite suppressant in any of these products.

Instead, this system seems intended to provide you with vitamins and minerals combined with various stimulants and basic diet supplement ingredients. The prices around the Internet seem fairly reasonable, and you can get all four supplements in a pack for around $25 or less.

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  • Very low price for four separate supplements.
  • Pound-X contains a lot of vitamins and minerals that could contribute to general health.


  • Pound-X is possibly discontinued. The official website isn’t working.
  • No testimonials or clinical studies can be found.
  • Four supplements isn’t a very easy regimen to keep up on a daily basis.


Pound-X seems to us like it might be a lot of work to remember taking while not providing too many positive benefits in the weight loss area. It’s much easier to take one supplement a few times a day than four plus times a day. Pound-X reminds us more of a daily vitamin pack that is slightly skewed to provide thermogenic benefits. We recommend using a product that combines fat burners with appetite suppressants in one convenient tablet instead.

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5 User Reviews about Pound-X

  • 1

    where can i purchase more of this product. it really does controll apatite hunger for awhile. thanks


  • 2
    nancee tovich

    Where can I buy Pound-X, the evening formula? I found this at the 99 cent store, but they are out so now I need more, please let me know. thanks so much.


  • 3

    I went online to look for Pound-X when I noticed I didn’t see it in the store where I purchased it anymore. I bought it some time ago and never used it. I recently began taking it and I LOVE IT! I have not been as hungry since I have been taking it. Also having it all spelled out for me what to take and when makes it very easy to follow. I personally like taking it more than once a day, it helps remind me that I am on a regimen and keeps me from straying off the path.



    I agree with Melissa, and would to know if still on the market,then where?



    I took it too and loved it. No jetters, etc. But now, can’t find it. Too bad. If you find it, please post on here. Only fault was that the “function” bottle should have had about 3 times as many in it if you were to take it throughout the day – or be able to buy the bottles individually.