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Tony Horton’s Power 90 Boot Camp is an exercise program put forth by celebrity trainer Tony Horton, and is available for purchase at www.beachbody.com. When purchased, the program consists of six workouts and a sculpting band. The training program is supposed to target specific areas of the body for maximum fat burning and toning results in just 30 minutes per day. Power 90 has a 90-day money back guarantee. Those who order the program also receive a program guide, calendar and online access to help track progress. There are also bonus gifts included, such as an accelerated fat burning workout, a meal plan, supplements and a measuring tape.


Sculpting band and workout videos.

Product Features

The Power 90 training workouts include four different sculpting workouts, four different cardio workouts, and two workouts that specifically target the abdominal muscles. The sculpting workouts are designed to tone, firm and strengthen, while the cardio workouts are supposed to burn fat at an accelerated rate. The ab workouts are two six-minute routines that focus on delivering a flat, six-pack stomach. The combined routines are said to burn fat and trim inches off the waistline within 90 days. The user can track their progress and obtain support on the website. The supplements are said to naturally enhance weight loss and muscle toning.

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  • The workout routines are effective if done as directed. Most users have seen results of improved muscle tone and weight loss.
  • The exercise contributes to overall improved health as well as improved appearance.


  • The Power 90 videos are boring, with outdated music, monotonous routines and an annoying person leading the workout. This makes the program very hard to stick with.
  • Many people are wary of weight loss supplements, so they do not use the ones included in Power 90.
  • The workouts are supposed to be done six-days a week, which many people who buy fitness videos do not have time to do.
  • Power 90 does not sufficiently emphasize healthy eating habits in conjunction with exercise, which may minimize the long-term benefits of the program.


Tony Horton’s Power 90 Boot Camp is an effective workout regimen. If the program is followed correctly and consistently, the user will burn fat and build muscle, resulting in successful weight loss and improved health. Most consumers who have commented on the program are satisfied with the results, but many of them also complain that the workouts themselves are not enjoyable. Power 90 is available online, and is reasonably priced at $59.85 plus $12.95 shipping and handling. As with any workout program, the user must be committed and motivated, and also must follow a healthy diet.

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    visit website

    I think your blogs is the best we’ve ever seen. We’ll thank you a lot for sharing the very interesting info.


  • 2

    HI Scott,I just discovered your Trouble in Mind video yobuute. Beautiful. I love it. Is it possible to get just the tab for this tune? I am lam having a hard time finding instruction for flatpicking the blues. Seems most of the songs taught for flatpickers are fiddle tunes and bluegrass. Any suggestions?Thanks,Stuart


  • 3

    I’m about to start the program, and I was wondering if you have to have 1500 calories a day? Also, do you have to follow the die? Can’t you just eat healthy, smaller portions and have no carbs at night?


  • 4

    Wife and I did Tony’s P90 back in 2002 and were VERY pleased with the results! Nothing fancy, just using our own body weight to act as resistance and it just plain worked. I figured, I could do anything for only 90 days… And I did and it worked. We did not do the supplements, but did go on the 40-30-30 eating regime. Simple foods balanced and eating just regular stuff, but in sensible portions and eliminated the junk foods. We’re we sore at first? Did it take some commitment of time (though only 30 to 45 mins a day)? All yes. It just works. Is simple, takes a little time… But in 90 days IT WILL CHANGE YOU. We were very pleased, got good results and if you will try and give it only 90 days… No more, not less… It will for sure work. Don’t worry about the supplements, just do the routines. Net, net… It works. No, we don,t do the routines anymore after some ten years… Other than… We do the 200 abs every M W F, and do 40 push ups each day. So, yes it works, was kinda fun after the initial hurts in the first two weeks, and it will somewhat change how you feel about yourself. Give it only 90 days, you will see that it is no miracle, just plain works so you can lose weight, gain strength and body tone and cardio workout. My only regret… We did not join Tony in Hawaii for a group workout week. Please remember, it is not magic, it just plain uses your own body to enable you to exercise well. It works! Be well and give yourself 90 days. That really is all it takes. Thank you Tony… Wherever you are. You WERE HONEST. It did work.


  • 5

    I went from 220 to 140 doing P90, there’s nothing to it but to do it. Eat right and you will deffinetly see results


  • 6

    I love Power 90! Of all the exercise programs I have tried this is the one I can stick to. I don’t find it boring or outdated. As to my results, so far I have lost 18 lbs in less than a month, just started phase 3-4, and have visibly flatter stomach and tonned arms and legs. I recommend this program to anyone.


  • 7

    I have checked out PX80 and P90. I am female, 58, 180 lbs and 5’2. Most for PX80 are male and most are very young. P90 sounds less appealing. What’s likelyhood that I can achieve results moderating the PX90. They say growing old is manditory but growing up is not. Self analysis is that I am fat and weak.


  • 8

    P90X works! I am 44yrs old and lost 4″ around my waist without dieting. This programme automatically makes you eat less (in conjunction with Evoxin) 😉 Wow Tony!!!


  • 9

    I have led a very sedentary lifestyle for the past 10 years, smoking a pack of cigarettes a day for the past 15 years. I tried to start with P90X and quickly realized I was not ready for that step yet. But I am on day 31 of the Power 90 series and have never felt better. I am circuit 3-4 now and loving it. I have lost 20 pounds regained muscles that I forgot I had. I use GNC Mega Men vitapak and lipo 6. I have also changed my eating habits and am eating healthier then I ever have before. This program works if you put in the effort.


  • 10

    I bought this through the website about 60 days ago with the best of intentions and enjoyed the first 3 weeks of it. Yes, the music and graphics are horribly outdated and Tony himself can be annoying at times. But I still enjoyed the workout. But even with all the emphasis on proper form in the Sculpting segment, my husband (a trainer) was horrified to see the force of movement and range of motion we were to strive for. Long story short, one of the movements was too much and now I have a rotator cuff injury, which means no more P90. I have to think that after healing, I’ll probably not go back to the program and will work in my strength in a way that’s less forceful.


  • 11

    I just got the dvd’s today. Is it better to exercise in the morning or night? I’d prefer the morning but considering how intense it is, I don’t know if it’s a good idea.


  • 12

    I started doing P90X a month ago and I’ve already lost 6 lbs I love this workout I don’t find it boring and I love how cheesey Tony is. If you have the time to watch an hour of tv a day you have time to do this workout.


  • 13

    So I’ve just started doing the workouts yesterday. My step mom had the DVD’s and I was bored. I’m 150 pounds and 5′-3″. I’m not overly fat or anything, but I want to shed about 5 inches in my belly (being the main part I want). I went to sleep with my knees hurting a bit, and now woke up to feel my abs worked aswell as my thighs! I assume this is good news that it is working. Oh and age old trick my grandpa taught me that I’m using today is that after a work out you should drink 1-2 cups of milk, it will make sure your joints don’t get soar. I’ll probably be back within a few days for an update! Wish me luck 😀


  • 14

    I do not want to eat healthy or workout lol, that’s the honest truth. However, I am on day 4 of this and it’s not hard to make myself press play! The workouts are simple and easy, I’m not dead when I’m done. That means that I can just keep stepping it up everyday. Yes, Horton can be annoying and kinda pervy but I’d rather listen to him that some freak show cheerleader screaming in my face. I like it and again this is coming from someone who just wants to watch movies and nap most of the day!



    Cayci, you just made me laugh! So, do you have to do 2 dvd’s a day = 1hour of workouts or does the Power 90 have you do 1 dvd/day? Thanks!


  • 15

    I am also doing Power 90 …BUT… i am looking for an INEXPENSIVE alternative to the Performance Formula supplement; does anyone know of one that can be purchased at GNC or such???




    Try Evox Protein Shake vanilla or strawberry only – tastes good and seems to fill you up!


  • 16
    Colby C.

    I just ordered it through the website and am anticipating for it to finally arrive! I chose this one after researching the P90X and finding out that it would probably be best for me to start with the Power 90 first. Wish me luck!



    Good luck Colby. You made a wise decision as most of us on here. We also did alot of research first and i could not find a bad review. like I said in mind i got bigtime results doing it 80% my next round is 100%. I have never felt better and what is fun is you and all your coworkers will see results in 30 days. Stay with it. It may seem hard at first but stick withj it and everyday,week you will improve. Awesome program.


  • 17
    the joey

    UM I having been doing power 90 for 2 weeks (I started first with the fat burning 6 day workout). Eating around 1200 – 1300 calories a day. Never missed a days workout. I started at 225 pounds and am now down to 213 – in 18 days. I have lost 4 inches off my waist, few off my hips, etc. arms have gotten a little bigger. I haven’t worked out since 1996. I expect to easily get down to 190lbs and be all muscle. No suppliments other than GNS whey protein.



    What is the fat burning 6 day workout?



    what is the fat burning 6 day workout?



    The fat burning 6 day workout is an additional dvd that comes with a 6 day fat burning meal plan. It came with the power 90 I ordered 2 weeks ago. I am on day 4 of power 90. I LOVE it… well.. I love it after I do it 🙂 I have never been able to do pushups the right way, but after 3 days I can do 8! I haven’t done the fat burning dvd yet, but the meal plan has been useful.


  • 18
    cheri adkins

    what is the difference between the boot camp and the master series of power 90? are the routines as outdated and boring as the boot camp?thx


  • 19

    This program works. I have lost 2 inches off each thigh, 2 inches off my waist. Only lost 8 pounds in 90 days but clothes are getting TOO big. Do it and it will work.



    DI love reading everyone”s comments it makes it easier to push play every day. i have alot to lose and hope at the end of my 90 days my stomach is alot flatter and then start another round. has anyone done 2 rounds and seen amazing results?


  • 20

    Power 90 does work! I have given it 100% and have lost 28 lbs in 45 days. I fully expect to meet my goal of 50 lbs in 45 more days atthe end of the 90 day fitness program. It takes a lot of commitment but if you do the full workout 6 days a week 30-40min a day it doeas work!



    Did u use the slimming supplement too?


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