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Power Blendz is a franchise smoothie business founded in 2005 in Cincinnati, Ohio. The business started as local establishments and grew as the company took stake in health clubs such as Power House Gym and Gold’s Gym, as well as convenience stores and college campuses. The goal of the company is to provide goal-specific smoothies designed for weight management. Aside from the smoothie business, Power Blendz also provides several sports nutrition supplements, including muscle builders, multivitamins, thermogenic fat burners and protein powder. Compared to similar smoothie companies, Power Blendz is reasonably priced. In order to find a Power Blendz near you, you will need to use the search function on the website.

List of Ingredients


  • Smoothie company which sells nutritional supplements.

Product Features

Power Blendz is a smoothie company which incorporates supplements into drinks. Dieters can receive smoothies with supplements for weight loss, fat loss, muscle building and energy. The company professes the drinks are made with real fruit instead of concentrated materials. We found the prices of the drinks rather inexpensive, considering dieters can add different supplements to the smoothies.

We have heard and researched the benefits of smoothies and found smoothies to be beneficial to a healthy lifestyle. On the other hand, research is out there suggesting consuming smoothies without proper diet and exercise could potentially be a deterrent to weight loss and a solid weight management plan. Although Power Blendz discusses the health benefits, there are not links on the official website regarding clinical trials or scientific research supporting the claims.

Power Blendz also sells dietary supplements on the online store. The company sells products designed for muscle building, fat loss and metabolism boosting. We noticed the supplements were pricey compared to similar products on the market. We also noticed several of the products do not contain proven weight loss ingredients.

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  • Drinks are made with real fruit and not concentrate.
  • The smoothies are affordable.
  • The smoothies are great to incorporate into a healthy weight management program.


  • There is no nutritional information available on the website.
  • Several of the dietary supplements do not contain proven weight loss ingredients.
  • The company does not discuss diet and exercise relating to the drinks and a healthy lifestyle.
  • Consuming the smoothies does not guarantee weight loss.
  • There are potentially more effective means to manage weight, rather than consume smoothies.
  • Power Blendz is not available nation-wide.


Dieters tend to look for short-term solutions to weight loss, instead of long-term solutions. We have read the studies suggesting the effectiveness of smoothie diets as well as the negative effects. We like how Power Blendz provides supplements t drinks, but we would have liked more if the company would have provided information relating to weight management. The company offers a great product, but we feel a dieter could still live a healthy life without the inclusion of smoothies.

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