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Can a set of dumbbells replace 2,565 pounds of weight? The Power Block U-90 is marketed as a product designed to be the alternative to traditional dumbbells. The product utilizes a selector pin to adjust the weight in 2.5 pound increments. Once the pin is in place, individuals lift the dumbbell and perform exercises of their choice.

The Power Block U-90 is expandable to different weights or stages. The weight limit of stage one is 50 pounds per dumbbell, stage two is 90 pounds per dumbbell and stage three is 125 pounds per dumbbell. The price of the Power Block U-90 on the official website is $379 for stage one, $638 for stage two and $937 for stage three.

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Power Block U-90

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The Power Block U-90 offers up to 125 pounds of weight per hand. The starting weight is 5 pounds and is adjustable in 2.5 pound increments to up to 125 pounds. The Power Block U-90 may be space-saving, but the user is limited by the design of the dumbbell. Unlike traditional dumbbells that allow the user to hold the top to vary exercises, the Power Block forces the user to place a hand inside the weight “cage”. There is no end for the user to grasp onto for tricep extensions or other alternative movements.

The Power Block U-90 comes in two sets. Set one ranges from 5 to 50 pounds. Set two ranges from 5 to 90 pounds and set three ranges from 5 to 125 pounds. Prices for the sets are $379, $638 and $937, respectively. There is a shipping and handling charge for each set ranging from $59 to $99. So the maximum price a buyer will pay for a set of Power Block U-90 dumbbells is more than $1,000.

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  • Offers a replacement to multiple dumbbells.
  • Space saver.
  • Portable.
  • Replaces 2,565 pounds of free weights.
  • Available on the official website.
  • Lifetime warranty.
  • Color-coded for ease in changing weights.


  • Comprehensive diet plan not available to individuals.
  • Additional equipment costs extra.
  • A detailed exercise chart is not provided to individuals.
  • Different stages cost more money.
  • Limited exercises.


Power Block U-90 provides a replacement for multiple dumbbells. Individuals no longer need to worry about changing weights, simply changing the pins. We found this to be convenient, but we also found the cost to be a deterrent. The different stages range from $379 up to $937, on the official website. We also found additional equipment, such as a stand and a bench, to cost more money.

Dumbbells alone assist individuals with strength training, but without proper diet and supplementation a dieter will not be able to achieve maximum results.

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