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Power Butter has claimed that it is one of the largest and most popular companies engaged in the business of making and selling peanut butter. The company states that it holds a very rich history and supposedly offers a wide variety of protein rich products for millions of its consumers from every corner of the world. Power Butter believes that what makes it renowned is its rich history and quality. The true history of the company was started in the year 1890. The products of the Power Butter are reportedly designed with the objective of making every one healthier, stronger and supposedly happier. The peanut butter of Power Butter is said to be fortified with a number of other ingredients in order to make it supposedly effective, delicious and useful.

Power Butter has stated that they have not neglected College Athletes from its list of potential consumers. This is supposed to be the reason why they produce Power Butter Sport Formula. This formula of peanut butter claims that it helps college athletes to have a beautiful, stronger and healthier body while increasing the quantity of protein in the most perfect manner. All the products of Power Butter are supposed to fulfill the nutritional requirements and standards of standard setting bodies. Some say this formula is reportedly considered as ideal for college athletes, their health, activity and performance. Physical training and other aspects of the product should give you a truly happier and healthier life.

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It’s said by some that Power Butter’s products are supposed to be considered as the most reliable, renowned and effective in the whole protein market today. They reportedly hold a rich history as well as a millions of customers from every corner of the world. Today, they reportedly sell their Power Butter and other sports and health products in every corner of the globe.

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  • Supposedly, all you need to do to become healthier is start using Power Butter products is to open a squeezing pouch and start eating. What some might call delicious and healthy blend will hardly stop you from finishing the pouch.


  • The solution, paste or blend of Power Butter’s product should be able to spread on bread slices in order to have a complete meal solution.


  • You should also be able to squeeze the solution, paste or blend of Power butter products in different shakes.


  • Power butter products can be carried everywhere.



  • Power Butter is only a protein supplement bar, and will not facilitate weight loss by themselves.


  • This product is geared more towards energy than weight loss.


If you are truly want to have a protein rich food solution, I would suggest eating foods such as fish, peanut butter and nuts. Make life simple for yourself and just follow the basic rules of being healthy and fit. With Power Butter, I truly question the results. You can see how true that is for yourself.

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2 User Reviews about Power Butter

  • 1

    Hi Billy, I used to be a big fan of PowerButter, but they changed the formula so now it really isn’t much different than a Natural Peanut Butter. And it is nowhere as near tasty! Read their nutritionals and check out what they use for their serving size now.. 6 TBSP/serving.. The standard serving size for peanut butter should be 2 TBSP. Save some cash and buy an all natural PB from the grocery store.


  • 2
    Billy Greer

    I’m trying to find a distributor of power butter sports formula, but cannot find anyone- believe it or not- that has it available. Most seem to have it on back order. I love the regular power butter and am anxious to try the sports formula. As an older body builder, the power butter provides me with a ready-source of quality, easily digested
    quick acting protein and provides a energy source that I can use easily during my daily workout. Is there any way that you can send me some packs of the power butter sports formula until I find someone who can fill my order. I normally buy 2 tubs at a time and discuss the product with my fellow athletes, both young and older. Please help me and continue your efforts to provide us with a quality product. My address is 4125 Charles G Dr Raleigh NC 27606.