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Yoga is just as much an art as it is a fitness program, but there are multiple styles and levels of instruction, making it hard for the dieter to choose the right one. Beginners, intermediate yogis and advanced followers can find a newer style of yoga at Power Flow Yoga. Power Flow Yoga has studios in Chatham and Livingston, New Jersey. Not only does the studio take multiple styles of yoga to create one workout, it also uses heat to detox the body during yoga sessions. The official website does not mention how hot the studios are heated, but they do warn the follower to bring a towel and be ready to sweat.

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Multi-discipline yoga workout in a heated gym.

Product Features

Power Flow Yoga is a unique workout experience. Commonly referred to as hot yoga, rooms are heated to increase sweat. Sweat is a means of detox, so the workout serves two purposes – fitness and detox. Participants are encouraged to drink lots of water the night before the class, but only normal amounts of water the day of the class. If the participant drinks too much water, they will likely spend a lot of time in the bathroom and little time completing the yoga workout.

There are various levels of yoga workouts available from Power Flow Yoga, including beginner, intermediate and advanced classes. Mats and towels are provided by the gym, but instructors suggest purchasing and bringing your own. Classes change on a weekly basis, so participants are asked to check the official website often.

Yoga is not about flexibility at Power Flow Yoga studios. The workouts are based on cardio and strength training, so dieters will burn calories and lose weight with regular participation. There is no information on the exact temperature of the studios, but all are heated to a temperature that will promote heavy sweating. After working out at Power Flow Yoga, participants are advised to drink lots of water to restore fluid levels in the body.

Classes are available at a drop-in rate of $22. Participants can choose unlimited packages for one-month, six months and one-year. Rates are $170, $720 and $1,400, respectively. There are weekly unlimited rates and package rates available as well.

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  • Hot yoga promotes sweating and weight loss.


  • Rates are higher than traditional gyms.
  • Hot yoga may not be comfortable for all dieters.
  • Class scheduled change regularly.


Power Flow Yoga has locations in New Jersey. There are no other locations available so dieters outside of the covered area will have to travel to take classes at the gym. Hot yoga will increase sweating and water loss, but the total number of calories burned depends on the current fitness level of the participant.

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