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Some companies truly believe the consumer will trust anything on the Internet. Power Flush 500 is a colon cleansing supplement with no listed ingredients and no official website. There are hundreds of product reviews on the Internet, but none offer any real information on the product. What we did find were several websites with affiliate links to the Power Flush 500 website. When the link is clicked, the consumer is taken to an Acai Berry supplement site instead of the Power Flush 500 site. We found references to an Acai Berry Ultimate / Power Flush 500 combo pack, but the acai supplement associated with the link is Acai Berry Select.

List of Ingredients

No known ingredients.

Product Features

The first red flag for Power Flush 500 is the lack of ingredients. We can assume there are natural laxatives and diuretics, as is the case with most cleansing supplements, but that would only be a guess. Companies that expect consumers to trust them without producing an ingredient list are bound to have poor sales and poor return customers. Plus, it is dangerous to take supplements without knowing what is in them.

The second problem is the lack of website. Links placed all over the Internet lead to an acai berry supplement, not a colon cleansing supplement. The dieter that may be interested in purchasing the cleanser is left with a diet supplement and pictures of slim girls in half-shirts. Dieting and colon cleansing is not the same thing.

The final problem is the price. One bottle of Power Flush 500 sells for nearly $90. There are no colon cleansing ingredients worth that much money. A container of psyllium fiber costs about $15 and lasts two to three months. Psyllium fiber is safe for daily use and helps cleanse the colon.

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  • Many websites list information on Power Flush 500.
  • Colon cleansers help fight occasional constipation.


  • No ingredient list exists for Power Flush 500.
  • Links to the supplement no longer lead to Power Flush 500.
  • Colon cleansing ingredients are not the same as dieting ingredients.
  • Will not increase metabolism.
  • Will not stave off hunger.


Power Flush 500 is no longer available for sale and consumers should not purchase the product unless they can pinpoint an ingredient list – in case some stray bottles exist on vitamin websites. Colon cleansing is okay for occasional relief from constipation, but nothing more. Dieters looking for a metabolism boost will not find that in a bottle of Power Flush 500. What they will find are laxatives, diuretics and ingredients to increase bowel movements and urination. Taken for long periods, these ingredients can lead to dehydration and potassium loss.

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