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The Power Plate my5 is a vibrating fitness machine that claims to help the user achieve better physical fitness with just three workouts a week. You can lose more weight, increase flexibility and fight fat gain by using the Power Plate my5. The official website offers an introduction to the Power Plate my 5, a personal home model of the machine, and workout videos. According to the introduction video, the dieter can workout with the same results as a longer workout in less time because the Power Plates my5 is constantly moving and vibrating, contracting muscles along the way. The website is difficult to navigate and some information is a bit confusing.

List of Ingredients

Vibrating fitness machine.

Product Features

There are several models of Power Plate available from the official website. The Power Plate my5 is just one of the personal home models. The user must set the vibration rate and amplitude before working out. The vibration settings are displayed in hertz. A higher hertz setting means the machine is vibrating up and down faster. The amplitude is the distance the platform travels with each vibration. This setting is in millimeters.

For an aerobic or cardio exercise, the Power Plate my5 can be used as a step. The user steps up and down on the platform. The vibrations force the body to constantly try to balance, so more muscles are used during the workout. It is important to warm-up before the workout and cool-down after the workout. There is no heart rate monitor on the Power Plate my5, so the user will need an auxiliary heart rate monitor to track progress. For more information on step programs that can be completed with the Power Plate my5, videos are available online. Cardio workouts require the accessory straps.

The Power Plate my5 unit has a maximum user weight of 300 pounds. This maximum weight limits the people who can use the machine. The unit weighs 200 pounds, so it cannot be easily moved from one location to another.

The Power Plate my5 sells for $4,699. This price is much higher than the average dieter is willing to spend. For the price of one Power Plate my5 machine, the dieter could join a local gym for nearly 8 years.

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  • Decreases time needed for a complete workout.


  • Too expensive for most dieters.
  • Maximum user weight of 300 pounds.


The Power Plate my5 is a vibrating fitness machine that engages muscles through platform movement. As the body tries to balance, even the smallest muscles are engaged. The price of the unit limits the number of dieters who can afford to use the Power Plate my5.

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