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PowerSlim is a product containing the South African `Hoodia` extract, which causes the onset of weight loss through appetite and hunger suppression. It claims to be made up purely of the Hoodia Gordonii herb, one of the latest ingredients from the Kalahari desert of South Africa. For centuries, nomads and hunters from around the Kalahari desert used to chew on a bitter tasting, cactus-like, local plant to reduce hunger and increase energy when on long hunting trips making deep incursions into the desert. This plant was Hoodia, and its appetite suppression benefits have only been extracted from the plant a few decades ago.

List of Ingredients

The product claims to be made of 100% Hoodia Gordonii.

Product Features

PowerSlim is a tea that contains Hoodia plant extract. More specifically, the substance within Hoodia that leads to appetite and hunger suppression is a chemical called p-57. It is believed that this p-57 in Hoodia imitates the effect glucose has on nerve cells in the brain, hence fooling it into thinking that the stomach is full – when in reality it may not be so. This cuts down the urge to snack on unhealthy foods at different times of the day. According to Hoodia proponents, it is more powerful than glucose in telling the brain that one is full.With PowerSlim Hoodia you should see results within 14 days, as claimed by the manufacturer. Different people see different results in terms of onset of appetite suppression. For some it can occur within the first few days of using Hoodia, and for others it may take more time to build up the active ingredients to a suitable level inside the body before appetite suppression is apparent.

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  • Helps to control weight loss through decreasing the appetite.
  • Weight loss does not require strenuous exercise plans.
  • Has no known side effect.
  • Purely vegetable based product, making the weight loss process more `natural` as compared to other diet and exercise plans available.


  • No guarantee that real Hoodia is used in the product.
  • Expensive.
  • Weight gain may occur upon stoppage of PowerSlim use due to revisiting of old eating habits.
  • No healthy change to one`s lifestyle is needed for weight loss, which may backfire later.


PowerSlim can be used to assist dieters in keeping their weight loss strategy under control. Owing to its natural constituent ingredient, which is widely regarded for its benefits, it is a natural method of controlling the appetite. However, one should be cautious in buying the product, as it does not seem to offer a money back guarantee, and there is no certification which states that the product does, in fact, use real Hoodia Gordonii from the Kalahari. What you decide to eat for your meals and how much you exercise will determine how much weight you lose at the end of the day.

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  • 1

    Wanna buy it am in South Africa Capetown where to find it plz


  • 2
    Al Dupuis

    I ordered this product and after waiting 2 months and after many e-mails from them stating that I should get it any day now, I still don’t haven’t received it. I ask them to refund my credit card and they stopped responding to my request. This is a scam. Do not buy this product.


  • 3

    I got a perferated gastric ulcer from this product had surgery and almost died up to u


  • 4

    this product is a complete ripoff marketed by greedy soul less bastards who have no morals. you would have to be stupid to think that this ridiculous fairy tale has any truth behind it.


  • 5

    What are the ingredients in Power Slim? I am interested in losing weight and Power Slim kinda peek my interest. I need to know the ingredients because I have a couple of medical issues, need to lose weight (I weigh 325 and I’m 5’4″), but don’t want to die trying. Will you help me. I will consult my physician with these ingredients you provide me. Thank you for your assistance in this matter.


  • 6
    Tanya Ali

    Is power slim pills fda approved?


  • 7

    can you please send me more info. on the product along with info on how o can recieve a free trial?


  • 8
    Ronald Osenkowski

    I would like the phone number to where I can spaek with a representative about returning my order. I haven’t loss a pound in two weeks..


  • 9
    karen percic

    how does one order the free sample and/or a supply of this product?


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