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PowerTea is a weight loss supplement that claims to help in reduction of body fat through a boost in metabolism and also through appetite suppression, while increasing energy. While using the benefits of green tea`s metabolic power (which has indeed been known to cause weight loss up to a point), the website promoting the supplement uses a lot of catch phrases and celebrity endorsements to attract customer attention, although there are little grounds to believe the high claims made. It also claims to be `America`s number one fat metabolizer` — a claim that has not been substantiated by any medical or clinical research or surveys.

List of Ingredients

Guarana, chromium picolinate, citrus aurantium, EGCG extract, alpha lipoic acid, Vitamin B12 and green tea leaves.

Product Features

PowerTea is a weight loss supplement that is meant to increase metabolic rate to help reduce weight through increased fat burning. It is primarily made up of green tea, a potent herb that has many benefits, including a boost in metabolism and weight loss when taken regularly and according to directions. The product is directed at body builders who are looking to increase their metabolic rate for increased rates of fat burning, and for those wishing to start a weight loss regimen. Regularity of the supplement is incumbent for any results to show, according to the manufacturer`s website.

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  • Claims 800mg of green tea per serving, which at that level, can really aid with weight loss due to green tea`s intrinsic metabolism boosting properties.
  • All ingredients are herbal and hence have minimal or no side effects.
  • It is a healthy way to aid with weight loss, and can help ease diet plan plateaus by accelerating calorie burning.


  • The quantities of each ingredient are not given.
  • No labels are available for view pre-purchase.
  • The website makes a lot of tall claims which make it difficult to take the product as a credible one.
  • Contains citrus aurantium, which is a controversial ingredient for weight loss supplements, due to its similarity to ephedrine.
  • Conclusion

    Green tea appears to be the only `fat-burning` ingredient in PowerTea, and although the manufacturer`s website gives reasons for use of additional ingredients, there is no scientific basis given that describes how PowerTea achieves all that it promises. For a tea that only has one truly beneficial ingredient for weight loss, it is priced on the expensive side. A bottle costs about $75. The website not only appears to be too full of `marketing speak`, it also fails to provide precaution and medical advice such as a coupling of the supplement with a real diet and exercise plan. All of these shortcomings lend a dubious feel to the product in question.

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