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What You Should Know

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Power Tonic is a piece of exercise equipment that resembles a pogo stick. There are several websites that market and sell this piece of equipment, though they all make it look as though you should see it on a home shopping channel.

List of Ingredients

No ingredients.

Product Features

Not much information is provided on the product and its approach. The basic premises in this that the pogo stick vibrates at a rate of 2000 times per minute, and by standing on the stick, the vibrations get to the muscles and work them. How the vibrations work, how they get to the muscles, and details such as that are not provided, which is much reason why we believe this could be a scam.

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  • Money back guarantee.


  • Expensive at around $350.
  • No testimonials.
  • No education provided on diet or exercise.
  • Outrageous claims on the benefits of this “exercise.”
  • Limited availability.
  • Information for this review was found from a YouTube advertisement.


The bottom line is here that no amount of time on a vibrating pogo stick contraption will replace the time spent walking, running, or doing any amount of aerobic exercise or strength training. If you are looking to lose weight as so many people are these days, you should invest that money in something like a gym membership or a personal trainer to get you exercising, or spend the money on a weight loss supplement that is proven with both an appetite suppressant and fat burner with plenty of good foods for a balanced diet and exercise.

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