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PowerBar Nutrition is the series of nutrition bars, shakes and supplements from the creators of the PowerBar. Each product is given a unique page on the official website explaining how the product can be used and the ingredients in each product. You’ll also find nutritional information like calories, fat, carbohydrates and protein. PowerBar Nutrition specializes in athletic nutrition and supplementation, though many of the products can be used as part of a healthy, reduced-calorie diet plan. PowerBar Nutrition products are frequently sold in grocery stores.

List of Ingredients


  • Food and supplement company.

Product Features

Many of the PowerBar Nutrition products use the word Energy in the product name. From PowerBar’s standpoint the word energy means calories- healthy, whole grain calories to be exact. You won’t find any caffeine, guarana, green tea or other stimulant ingredients in any of the products. This is not to say athletes don’t use these products just that PowerBar Nutrition chooses to use the most basic source of energy – calories – in place of added caffeine.

Most of the PowerBar Nutrition products look like they are geared toward men, but there are two that picture women in the product description – Iron Girl and Pria. Pria is a low-calorie meal replacement bar that is best used as a snack rather than a meal. Each bar contains an impressive vitamin supply with five grams of protein and only 110 calories. Iron Girl is slightly different as it is made for the active female athlete. We are not sold on this product simply because one bar contains 40% of the daily requirement for iron. Taking in too much iron can cause constipation and even death. There’s a good chance an active female athlete is taking a multi-vitamin, which could contain iron as well.

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  • All ingredients for PowerBar Nutrition products are listed on the product page.
  • The company behind the products is trusted.
  • There are products designed for men and women.


  • Some products contain iron – not all men and women need extra iron.
  • Not all products are available in stores.


We are pretty impressed with the wide array of PowerBar Nutrition products, but these products are not dedicated to weight loss. The information given, words used to describe the products and pictures linked to each product scream athlete. Athletes don’t have to worry about a slow metabolism or working out to shed 20 or 30 pounds. Athletes tend to be lean and in need to clean, natural energy via calories and that is just what PowerBar Nutrition provides.

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