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Powerbar is a well known and trusted company that manufacturers and distributes a wide variety of nutritional products to a wide audience of athletes. It is well known for its nutritional and performance products.

List of Ingredients

The ingredients will vary in each product.

Product Features

Powerbar offers a very extensive product line for many different people. There are products for the novice person who does not do much to work out, and there are products for the professional who seems to make working out his life. Products include: bars, gels, beverages, and mini bars.

The Powerbar Bars come in ten different varieties: Energize, Harvest, Nut Naturals, Performance, Pria, Protein Plus, Recovery, Triple Threat, Protein Plus Reduced Sugar, and Protein Plus 30g. Each bar comes in a variety of flavors and options to make sure that every customer looking for the bar finds it in a manner they can enjoy.

The Powerbar Gels come in two options and contain a formula meant to replenish the electrolytes and other things the body loses while working out so that you can maintain optimal performance. It is recommended that you consume one gel with 16 ounces of water for every 20-45 minutes of activity. If you don’t like the idea of the gel, you can also get it in blasts, which are chewable gels.

The Powerbar Beverages come in three varieties: PowerBar Endurance, Powerbar Recovery, and Powerbar Electrolytes Drink Mix. Each of these comes in either a canister or individual packets for you to scoop and mix with water and drink as you feel the need to.

The Powerbar Mini Bars are smaller servings of the performance bars. These are made with the same ratio of important ingredients as the full sized bar, but are meant for those times when a full bar is more than you may want.

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  • Focused on health and wellness instead of trend and fad.
  • Products are cost effective and comparison shopping is available.


  • Not a weight loss supplement.
  • No customer testimonials listed on the site.


Powerbar is an excellent source for nutritional and performance products regardless of what your goals are. The fact is that they have survived through several different trends and watched other companies go under while they lived strong. By addressing nutritional needs for what they are, rather than for monetary gain and going off of fads, this company has been able to weather the storm. If you are looking for something to assist you with weight loss, Powerbar is not exactly going to be the answer, though they will provide products to help you in the venture. Be sure to add the Powerbar products to a regimen that includes a healthy diet and exercise routine with a supplement that addresses both fat burning and appetite suppression.

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    I have recently tried the powerbar gel blasts and I was surprised.They actually tasted pretty good.I would definitly rccomend this product to others.