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PowerBlock is a set of adjustable dumbbells that takes up far less room than a traditional set of fixed-weight dumbbells. According to the company’s website, PowerBlocks are the heaviest and most compact set of adjustable dumbbells on the market, taking up only 3 square feet of floor space.

Developing lean muscle through resistance training is critical to boosting metabolism and losing weight so we will focus on this aspect of PowerBlocks for the purposes of this review.

PowerBlocks can be purchased through several online retailers. The sets range from $355 to $595 depending on the weight intervals selected. This makes PowerBlocks fall outside of many consumers’ budgets when compared with the expense of a traditional set of free weights. We will look at the features below to see if PowerBlocks might be worth the extra expense.


The PowerBlock system includes the patented PowerBlocks.

Product Features

There are two sets of PowerBlocks available, the Elite set and the Personal Trainer set. The Elite set includes the core handles, eight 10-pound nested plates, and four 2.5- pound adder weights. The set adjusts from 5-90 pounds per hand and goes up in 5- pound increments, which represents 28 pairs of dumbbells. The Personal Trainer set is the same as the Elite set but the nested plates are in 5-pound instead of 10-pound increments. It adjusts from 2.5 to 50 pounds per hand in 2.5-pound increments. PowerBlocks markets the Elite set as being for men and the Personal Trainer set for women.

We feel that PowerBlocks may have an advantage over traditional dumbbells when performing resistance training because the design means they are more balanced and you can switch from one weight to another more quickly than with most fixed-weight or adjustable dumbbell sets. The PowerBlock sets may be handy for those who have limited space in their homes to work out in.

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  • Takes up less room than traditional dumbbell set.
  • Design makes changing from one weight to the next quick and easy.
  • More balanced than other adjustable weights so workouts are easier.


  • More expensive than traditional set of dumbbells.
  • May have more weight increments than needed in an average workout.
  • Does not appear to have a manufacturer’s money-back guarantee.


The PowerBlock adjustable dumbbell sets will appeal to serious workout fanatics, both men and women. The design is well-thought out and the dumbbells appear well-crafted and durable. Our only reservation about the PowerBlock sets is the price. If you do choose to purchase a PowerBlock set at an online retailer, choose one that has been in business for a length of time, has a clear return policy, and provides contact information in case you need to follow up with them.

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    I have had a set of Power Blocks for over 10 years now. I have been a pretty solid fan except for the problem I have had with the weight pins since day one. The pins consistently slip out and they appear to be designed to support this problem. I can do curls and such easily enough with a rotation of my wrist but early today I nearly lost a foot after the pins slipped out while I had 50 pounds over my head. “Fortunately” it only grazed my ankle but it could have been alot worse. I recommend AGAINST buying Power Blocks until they get this design flaw corrected.



    Not sure what model you have, but I have never seen a Powerblock with this issue. They are held in by magnets and I have never had one slip out. You may be inserting them upside down.