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Power Tea is a diet supplement manufactured by a company of the same moniker, containing a mixture of green tea, Guarana Extract, Vitamin B12, and Citrus Aurantium. On its official site, Power Tea claims to boost energy and promote rapid weight loss through its unique mixture of ingredients, although it does not provide any scientific studies proving these claims. Available only through purchase through their official website for $74.39 per bottle, Power Tea is more expensive than other diet supplements on the market. However, their claim that their all-natural ingredients promote rapid weight loss within weeks is attractive to many dieters. Their main ingredients, Green Tea and Guarana Extract, are scientifically proven to help regulate metabolism, which does encourage weight loss to a point. Power Tea also provides a free 15-day trial where consumers can test it out, although they will be charged a fee if they do not cancel after this complimentary 15-day trial period.

List of Ingredients

Green Tea, Green Tea Leaf Powder, Guarana Extract, Citrus Aurantium, Vitamin B12.

Product Features

Power Tea emphasizes that it is an organic product, combining ingredients commonly used in alternative medicine. On its official website, it lists why they use each ingredient in their supplement, although they offer no scientific proof how Power Tea itself works. One of its main ingredients, Citrus Aurantium (also known as Bitter Orange), is extremely controversial because of its similarity to ephedrine. Citrus Aurantium causes dangerous heart complications for people at risk. Otherwise, there is very little remarkable about Power Tea besides its use of organic ingredients. It is taken normally like any other diet supplement that claims to boost energy and increase metabolism when taken daily. Power Tea is mostly directed towards bodybuilders looking for an extra boost to their fat-burning routine.

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  • It claims to be an organic product and contains no animal ingredients.
  • Its main ingredient is Green Tea, which has been scientifically proven to encourage weight loss.
  • Power Tea promises a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


  • Power Tea contains Citrus Aurantium, which is very similar to the controversial substance ephedrine.
  • Power Tea is one of the most expensive diet supplements on the market, priced at $74.39 a bottle.
  • It offers only one general testimonial on its website, with no verifiable proof why Power Tea itself works.
  • Caffeine is a hidden ingredient in Power Tea, which works as a stimulant. If not taken with plenty of water, it will dehydrate a person.


Power Tea is not radically different than any other diet supplement on the market today. With demand for more organic products on the rise, Power Tea claims to be that solution. However, with little verifiable scientific proof or testimonials available, Power Tea’s effectiveness is questionable. The absence of side effects listed on its website is questionable. Its ingredients are known to have many side effects, including dehydration and heart problems, especially with Citrus Aurantium. Although this supplement is not appropriate for those with heart problems, it is a possible option for those looking for organic, vegan diet supplements.

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