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The website advertises the company to be a manufacturer and distributor of high quality home and gym exercise equipment. They claim that most of their machines have the mobility of free weights and the tenacity of an exercise machine. The manufacturer says that it is this feature that enables them to complete exercises for weight training easily, and if they want, in the privacy of their own home. Powertec also say they were the pioneer of this kind of weight leverage system back in the 1980s. Now, that concept has been widely applied to home gym equipment for added ease and convenience of the weight trainer or body builder, and increased usability.

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Powertec offers home gym and exercise equipment for both gyms as well as home use. Some of the equipment that Powertec offers for sale is unique in design and this is a point of differentiation from other home gym and exercise equipment manufacturers. Most of Powertec`s machines claim to be built such that they enable single users in exercising effectively and thoroughly. They also claim that their machines and equipment has a longevity that makes the initial investment worthwhile.Powertec manufactures work bench multi gyms, benches and racks. These include a power rack, half rack, Olympic bench, utility bench, weight rack and a dumbbell rack, work bench accessories, like leg lift, curl machine, pec fly, dip machine and storage racks, and various strength building core muscle-specific leverage machines.

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  • More than two decades of experience in building gym equipment – Powertec was a supplier of multi gym equipment for gym clubs like Gold`s, World`s, Powerhouse and Bally`s.
  • Each exercise equipment is designed such that it can accommodate a variety of exercises.
  • Wide range of exercise equipment to choose from.
  • Custom made work benches are available and these can be made to order in a short amount of time.
  • The manufacturer also offers the facility of designing your gym room at home.


  • The designs seem to value function over form.
  • Home gyms have no safety supervisor or trainer, so care is needed when using these machines.
  • Range of movement in these kinds of machines are limited.
  • The cost is significant, often the equivalent of at least 2 years gym membership


Powertec appears to be a solid name in exercise equipment and has dealers all over the world. A variety of exercise equipment is available and this can even be made to order. One aspect to look at is comparability of Powertec prices with those of substitute home and gym exercise equipment. Careful consideration is necessary for two reasons; getting a good price, and deciding which particular exercise equipment would cater to your exercise needs the most. Not all gym equipment is created equal and price isn’t the only consideration.

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