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Powerzone offers a variety of fitness and health supplements and claims high performance and results for each of their products. Categories range from muscle and strength enhancement, fat burning supplements, energy and endurance products, general health supplements, anti-ageing products and thiomucase products. Powerzone claims that its products are based on the latest scientific research, although this claim is dubious because it is not backed by any scientific proof on their website. They also says they offer products made of the highest quality of amino acid peptides, herbal extracts and substrates. Powerzone says they conduct their own scientific research on which their products are based, ensuring that `customers get the best that money can buy`. Powerzone offers customers two free downloadable diet and exercise programs.

List of Ingredients

The ingredient lists of different products that are sold under the Powerzone Nutrition brand vary greatly across the range. As an example, the Ignite II Extreme product contains 2000mgs Di Arginine Malate, 2000mgs Tri Creatine Malate, 2000mgs L Citrulline Malate , 2000mgs Creatine Ethyl Ester Malate ( CEEM ), 1000mgs Arginine Ethyl Ester Malate ( AEEM ), 1000mgs Taurine Ethyl Ester ( T-EE ), 1000mgs Magnesium Orotate, 200mgs Potassium Orotate.

Product Features

Most Powerzone Nutrition’s products include a combination of supplements that are designed to help increase bodily function – this may be lean muscle mass, speed of recovery after exercise, energy, libido, fat burning and increase in peak performance. The website claims that many thousands of customers have been satisfied with their products, as these are directed not only at athletes and body builders, but also at those customers who seek general wellbeing. The manufacturer claims to offer many natural antioxidants and anti inflammatory supplements in addition to libido enhancers.

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  • A wide range of supplements and boosters are available that claim a variety of benefits all in one place.
  • Online purchases are possible through either the manufacturer or online vendors.


  • All products by Powerzone are priced in the expensive range, as compared with other drugstore supplements that do not `over-promise` like Powerzone does.
  • High claims of product quality not adequately backed by demonstrated scientific research and proof renders these claims untrustworthy.
  • Read the small print, “Should only be used under medical or dietetic supervision” was hidden right at the bottom of each page.


Products from Powerzone Nutrition should only be purchased after consultation with a fitness expert or doctor. The ingredients used in these `high performance` supplements make it difficult to believe that the results obtained are from `natural` sources. A healthy diet is more than capable of supporting a healthy body, even one that exercises to the extreme. Those who want to steer clear of artificial health supplements should not indulge in use of these products.

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