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The Prasouda Diet is another name for the classic Mediterranean Diet, according to multiple sites specializing in the eating plan. We found tons of information on food and exercise, but what was more important to us was the part community, family and experience played in the Prasouda Diet. The Mediterranean Diet is marketed as an eating plan packed with heart-healthy foods that may improve weight loss, but the Prasouda Diet is marketed as a way of life; something we believe can make the difference for some dieters.

List of Ingredients


  • Mediterranean Foods
  • Daily Exercise
  • Relaxation

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The backbone of the Prasouda Diet is the food. Food is pulled from Greece and surrounding Mediterranean areas. There is no one country responsible for the food supported on the plan, but there are a few foods dieters should definitively include in daily menus like olive oil, foods rich in omega fatty acids and dark, leafy greens. You can find out more about the Mediterranean Diet on tons of websites – this information is more abundant than diet plans for the Prasouda Diet.

Daily exercise is also addressed with the Prasouda Diet. You are encouraged to move, but not necessarily in a traditional exercise way. You can walk, skip, hop or run around the block as long as you get up and move. Love to dance? Dance around your living room several times a day or run after the kids in the yard. Experience exercise; don’t just make it a part of your day that follows a scheduled plan.

Finally is the relaxation aspect of the Prasouda Diet. Life without stress is life with better health and improved lifespan. The cultures where Mediterranean Diets are derived tend to move slower than western cultures like the United States. Taking life one moment at a time and leaving stress behind will improve overall health and may play a huge factor in diet success, but relaxing is just as hard as sticking with a diet plan.

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  • The Mediterranean Diet is widely accepted as a weight loss plan.
  • The dieter can each from a range of healthy, heart-friendly foods.
  • Exercise and relaxation is encouraged.


  • There are no clear guidelines for the Prasouda Diet.
  • Many dieters may find the lax attitude surrounding the diet difficult to follow.


The Prasouda Diet is a life-changing plan. It can be extremely hard to lose weight and maintain a healthy diet and exercise plan, especially when you are following a detailed diet plan verbatim. The Prasouda Diet expects the dieter to modify diet to include healthier choices, to move more as a part of everyday life and to relax more by slowing down.

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