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Prayfit is a faith-based workout program designed and presented by Jimmy Pena. The online store offers Prayfit merchandise, workouts and fitness/faith guides to becoming a fitter, more faith-filled person in 33 days or less. Many fitness programs and diet supplements go wrong by trying to connect their product with celebrities using general news broadcasts or special episodes of The Doctors or Dr. Oz that mention an exercise of ingredient. Prayfit doesn’t have to try to connect with celebrities because there is an entire page of quotes from followers and supporters of Pena and the Prayfit system.

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  • Personal fitness, nutrition and faith support.

Product Features

Working out and dieting requires faith. Faith the diet will work, faith the exercise will boost calorie burn and faith you can keep up with the healthy changes in life indefinitely to achieve your goals. Along the line some people choose to combine faith in a weight loss and fitness program with faith in religion. Prayfit provides a plan that combines the best of working out and nutrition with the best of faith.

The Prayfit website is an independent product. You can follow daily inspiration and religious scripture on the site without purchasing the Prayfit program. If you wish to receive the daily faith and fitness update via email that is also available from Prayfit online.

If fitness is why you’re looking into Prayfit click the Store or Fitness button at the top of the page. Under the Fitness tab you will find information for new visitors just starting the Prayfit system, strength-training workouts and aerobic instructions. The same detailed information can be found under the nutrition tab, including recipes for weight loss friendly dishes like baked salmon and roasted butternut squash. The Prayfit store sells merchandise and the Prayfit DVD and books.

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  • Prayfit combines faith with nutrition and exercise – perfect for some dieters.
  • The recipes are easy to follow with affordable ingredients.
  • There are tons of exercises explained on the website.
  • Reviews of the DVD workout are exceptional.


  • Self-help fitness books tend to be open to interpretation.
  • The DVD may be difficult to follow for true fitness beginners.


Prayfit is a niche workout program and nutritional plan. Religion or faith is extremely personal, but if you are a person of faith and you want to follow a routine that uses that faith as inspiration the Prayfit website and program may be ideal for you. The diet will not work for everyone and the recipes will not appeal to every dieter, but there does appear to be something for everybody on the Prayfit website.

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    For tracking purposes, I need to know the average calories burned for the Pray Fit DVD.