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The Premium Diet patch is a patch that is placed on an area of skin to aid weight loss. This works by the fact that the herbal ingredients of the patch are passed through the skin and into the bloodstream. This is a direct delivery of the ingredients, meaning that the ingredients are not filtered by the liver.

Patch technology has been used for purposes such as helping prevent nicotine cravings for those wishing to stop smoking, though it is unknown whether nutrients are able to be delivered in the same way. Research shows that tablets or capsules are more effective at transferring nutrients than patches in general.

The manufacturers of the Premium Diet Patch claim that it can increase the metabolism, suppress the appetite and increase energy levels all to aid and speed up the weight loss process. However, when searching for the manufacturer website it appears as though this product has been discontinued though may be available through other sources.


Garcinia Cambogia, Fucus Vesiculosis, Guarana and Menthol.

Product Features

The Premium Diet Patch does not have any scientific evidence to back up its weight loss claims. The company does not promote a healthy diet or exercise alongside its product. However, weight loss can never be as simple as putting on a diet patch and waiting to see results.

The ingredients included in the Premium Diet Patch have all been shown to have effects relating to the area of weight loss, though it is important to realize that there is no definite result when these nutrients are delivered in the form of a patch rather than in a tablet.

The ingredient garcinia cambogia has been shown to decrease the appetite at the same time as increasing levels of energy, and may even reduce levels of cholesterol. The ingredient fucus vesiculosis also helps to regulate the metabolism, and is a detoxifier.

Guarana contains caffeine which may produce negative side effects including nausea, insomnia, increased blood pressure and nervousness.

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  • The Premium Diet Patch is a good alternative for those who hate swallowing pills.


  • At the time of this review, this product seems difficult to obtain and may be discontinued.
  • This product doesn’t contain a powerful appetite suppressant or fat burner.
  • It’s unknown how well the ingredients in this patch are absorbed into the skin.


Patches are growing in popularity in the weight loss world and some of them might be quite effective. There are a number of Hoodia patches that users seem to love since they don’t have to remember to take x amount of pills at various times throughout the day. Unfortunately, this particular diet patch doesn’t have much going for it so if you do want to try a weight loss patch, keep looking.

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  • 1
    Patricia Solomon

    I would like to discontinue my order for the diet patch. i really can’t afford it

    thank you


  • 2
    Alice Susan

    Hi, I am a regular user of this product and it helps me more in removing the nicotine patches from my skin.The Diet Patches serves well against the carvings