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Flax is one of the basic sources of the fatty acids Omega 3 and Omega 6. Within Flax’s sediment are lignans – a type of plant fiber that has different health benefits, including possibly fighting off cancer. So, by consuming flaxseed you may experience higher energy levels, better sleep, enhanced immunity and less digestion problems such as constipation. Premium Gold is one of the manufacturers that specialize in growing and farming flaxseed in North Dakota. The company has been in the business for many years and boasts about their products being 100% natural and grown in America.

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Premium Gold claims to contain 7-10 times the Lignan concentration in comparison with whole flaxseed or ground while flaxseed. Based on the website, Premium Gold’s flaxseed contains 48% Omega 3 and 19% Omega 6. In addition, the flaxseed can provide the colon with enough fiber to cleanse it from only 10 grams (1/4 cup). That very same amount can also enhance the immune system by providing as many lignans as 82 pounds of bananas.The Premium Gold website also claims that its flaxseed is a unique product because it selected and developed for human consumption. In addition, it is engineered so that it creates a mild flavor when added to your food. The company handles all the phases of the flaxseed production. The latest innovation it had added to was the True Cold Milled Process, which lengthens the lifetime of the seed to 18-24 months and eliminates the need for refrigeration. Aside from all that, the products do not include preservative or additives, and are gluten free.

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  • The flaxseed facilities are FDA, State, Kosher and Organic certified and/or inspected.
  • The website offers a good range of recipes which can help those who have no clue as to how to use flaxseed.
  • A whole table has been dedicated to compare flaxseed with other seeds that are rich in fiber.
  • If you want to learn more about lignans, the website has a whole page that explains how lignans can benefit you.


  • The website only mentions that the facilities had been certified but says nothing about the seeds themselves.
  • The website indicates that the benefits of flaxseed can only be obtained from Premium Gold’s flaxseed alone.
  • The site doesn’t indicate which authority only inspected the facilities and which one only provided approval.


It is notable that Premium Gold are just trying to attract customers by implying that the flaxseed it sells is better than others in the market. By stating that its seeds are developed for human consumption and are more enriched than regular flaxseed, there is no way that Premium Gold can boast about being 100% natural.

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