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PrescriptFit is a weight loss therapy that uses engineered food products. These products claim to increase the metabolic rate, cause weight loss and treat medical conditions that are linked to eating issues. The website states that the PrescriptFit strategies were developed from experience and clinical data, thus offer to improve the health of whoever implements them. PrescriptFit concentrates on the behavioral and physiological elements of its consumers. This, based on the website, provides users with complete nutrition while enabling them to lose weight and become healthier. With amino acids used in their making, the products offered promise to enhance the body’s metabolism of proteins and carbohydrates. Thus, cellular function and healing will also be improved.


PrescriptFit offers a number of products for sale on its official website. Some soups, such as the PrescriptFit Chicken Soup, offer some of their ingredients. In addition, some edibles offer some of their nutritional data. However, not all the products have their ingredients listed.

Product Features

PrescriptFit makes a variety of products that deal with eating disorders, be they excessive eating problems or the opposite. Based on the website, the products of PrescriptFit can prevent boredom, avoid deprivation, enhance the dieter’s social interaction and reinforce the dieter. As for the physical elements PrescriptFit focuses on, these include cytokine physiology normalization, amino acid fortification, brain feeding receptor mitigation and balancing if macronutrients and micronutrients for enhanced metabolism. Consumables such as shakes, soups, puddings and snack bars are combined with multivitamins along with amino acids. This combination fortifies the body along with enhancing the metabolism. In addition, the site claims that their edible supplements taste good despite being dietary products. Thus claiming the products to be a pleasant change for dieters.

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  • There are numerous flavoring vials for sale. These are sugar free and calorie free to enhance most of the consumable products.
  • Soups are engineered to cater to the allergies some people suffer from. For example, the PrescriptFit EggPro doesn’t contain milk or soy protein, gelatin or salt.
  • The edible products boast about having a good taste. However, if that isn’t enough, flavors can be purchased and added to the shakes, soups and puddings.


  • Ingredients and their quantities aren’t mentioned with most of the products.
  • There are no guarantees with any of the products sold.
  • None of the products on PrescriptFit’s website seem to be approved by the FDA or any authority.
  • There is no proof on the effectiveness of the products published on the site.


PrescriptFit has a number of products, from simple supplements to edibles such as soups and shakes. Although the main purpose of these products is weight loss, they promote the better health of their consumers. However, there is no way of discovering what these products contain as the website doesn’t provide that information.

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  • 1

    I love this product. I have lupus and fibromyalgia. I have been sick for years. I was on steroids and pain medication. I have been on prescriptfit for a little over a month. I feel like a new woman! This program works. I have lost weight and I feel great!


  • 2
    Jeana Weiss

    In response to the disadvantages listed above.
    None of the products on PrescriptFit’s website seem to be approved by the FDA or any authority.
    Really? Most of the FDA approved products are full of chemicals and harmful drugs.
    There is no proof on the effectiveness of the products published on the site.
    There are numerous testimonials. If you do it, you will lose. I lost close to 40 lbs. I lost 6 pounds in the fist week. It tastes wonderful and i am not a shake person. Also, it cuts my cravings. There are enough vitamins and minerals to live on with this product.
    I am 100% satisfied…


  • 3
    Aria Ehlers

    How long before you started seeing results?


  • 4
    Kay S. Gentry

    I love PrescriptFit and lost 30 pounds following the regimen. I have sadly stopped using it because I am very concerned by the use of Aspartame in the products. I would use it again in a minute if a safer sweetener was used!


  • 5
    kay holley

    is prescriptfit only for dieters or can it be used for simply nutrition purposes


  • 6
    Kathy Murray

    How much prescript shake should be taken in a 24 hour period?



    It depends on the phase of the diet that you are in. While doing the diet Dr. Owen recommends at least 8 scoops a day. Once you are through all the phases and have lost your desired amount of weight you can maintain with 5 scoops a day. I usually use 2 or 3 scoops in a shake so its easy to get them all in. I am not super consistent but having a few shakes a week along with my regular diet I am able to keep away problems that I had before doing PrescriptFit.


  • 7
    Sue Glenn

    I am extremely interested in your products. I know that all
    supplements are not the same quality and thus it is very
    confusing for the consumer when choosing products.

    Since there are no government regulations concerning the proof that
    food supplements actually get absorbed and there are thousands of
    companies trying to attract the consumer, I have just one request.

    Please send me a complete bibliography of all your research that has
    been done for publication in refereed or peer-reviewed professional
    journals. This should be published research done by scientists employed by
    you or those on your advisory board concerning work on the actual products
    you are selling.

    Thank you very much.


    Sue Glenn


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