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The President’s Challenge is a program created and supported by the United States government for adults, teens, seniors and children. The basis of the President’s Challenge is to get people moving in order to increase activity and decrease the epic levels of obesity in the United States today.

There is an official website for the President’s Challenge which provides all of the information about the program free of charge. The President’s Challenge is also integrated into school systems where children are tested yearly and compared to set guidelines and other children to establish a prediction of the future health of these children and teens.


The President’s Challenge program.

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At the heart of the President’s Challenge is people convincing themselves they can change their body and body weight by making the smallest changes on a regular basis. These small changes are outlined based upon age group ranging from children to seniors. The small changes for adults and seniors are 30 minutes of activity a day just five days a week. For children and teens, the suggested activity level is 60 minutes of activity a day, five days a week.

On the official President’s Challenge website, users can join groups, sign up for the President’s Challenge program and record their activities, weight and progress. The website provides tools to improve physical fitness and guide the dieter along the process of better health, better fitness and weight loss.

The President’s Challenge website also offers a shop of sorts where bumper stickers, physical fitness awards, physical fitness apparel, magnets, pedometers and more. These are more aimed toward the school systems and large groups of people who are following the President’s Challenge fitness program.

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  • Fitness is a key part of weight loss.
  • The President’s Challenge is integrated in the school system to support physical fitness in children.
  • The website is free and the shop is inexpensive.


  • The information provided is not new information.
  • Most people believe the President’s Challenge is aimed more for children.
  • In order to see much of the information you need to register.


The President’s Challenge is a program that was established in 1956. The program has since majorly focused on children and their fitness level. Unfortunately for the President’s Challenge program and the website, many adults and seniors have little or no idea the program exists. In regards to weight loss, the fitness aspect of the President’s Challenge is achievable, but nothing new.

While we support weight loss via improved fitness, the help of a strong fat burner and an appetite suppressant can help. In conjunction with the President’s Challenge, a supplement of this nature could increase the amount of weight lost.

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